Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Grand Canyon and Other musings...

Today, after a late start and many needful errands, we took a little respite and went to the MN Science Museum. Mr. Taffy bought us a membership as part of our homeschool. Right now Omnifest is going on, so we could see one of any number of movies today. We chose the Grand Canyon. Originally we wanted to drive to the Grand Canyon as part of our "Adventures in Moving" but we couldn't make it work. So we thought this would be a good alternative. If you haven't seen this movie, or any Omni movie I have to warn you: it's full of "you naughty American people." It's so frustrating to me, we apparently are the cause of all the worlds water problems. Strawberry Taffy kept asking questions during the movie: Is that true? Are we going to run out of water? Where's all the water going?

One problem with showing this movie in here in MN is that at the moment there is flooding going on and every lake or river or pond that we've seen is very high. It was a good moment to teach the children about God's Sovereignty. He put enough water on this planet for His people, He told us to subdue the earth and take dominion, He's got it covered. Not to say that there isn't consequences for bad choices that we make and God has laid out consequences to sin in the word. The Old Testament teaches that God made the land to "spit out" it's inhabitants for certain sins that defile the land. Heavy, but true nonetheless.

Still, it was wonderful to see that amazing creation that is the Grand Canyon and think about the awesomeness of the Flood that carved it out. There is nothing dull about this planet!

And since I'm in a bit of a "preachy" mood, I just have to tell about a little something I witnessed in the eating area of the hotel this morning. The T.V. was on in there this morning. Every hotel we've stayed at has a T.V. on during breakfast, but most places just have the news on. News is pretty easy for children to ignore, not too flashy or musical. Well this morning Cartoon Network was on, and it was HARD to ignore. The show of choice was Scooby Do. My brother and I used to love Scooby Do when we were little. Boy has it changed? Vampires, Flying Demons, Music and all manner of spasiness. But the most alarming thing was that every child in the room was completely mesmerised by the show, they could not take their eyes off of it! The parents weren't paying attention, didn't seem to notice the nonsense, chaos, hypnotizing effect the show was having on their children. It made me so sad. We had our little ones sit with their backs to the T.V., but Blue-Raspberry Taffy told me at the end of breakfast that he couldn't take it any more, it was too tempting to look at the T.V. It was hard for him, so we gave him an opportunity to "flee." Phew!
Reminds me of the song: Oh, be careful little eyes what you see. Our children are so precious, so important to the Father, we have to be careful what we let them see, what we let sink into their souls. It is an honor to be the ones that God entrusts with that job. I pray we all can take it seriously and rise to the challenge!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. It must feel good to be back in familiar territory after all the travels. You talked about the water running out. The problem is not the water, it is everyone moving to areas where there is no water (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, etc.). The command was to subdue the earth not to suck it dry. However, God also gave man the creativity to bring water to dry places so an excess in one place can overcome a scarcity in another.

    Love, Dad

  2. Nope, Scooby Doo hasn't changed, it was always like that....It's US that has changed~ Thanks to Jesus!!!

  3. Why is it called Life on a Taffy pull?


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