Saturday, March 28, 2009

A little fun in the hotel room!

We had some fun today running around, visiting our old favorite places. It still feels like we are here on a vacation and not to actually live. I wonder if it will feel more "real" once we move into our house. One thing I love about the area we live in is all the consignment shops and thrift stores. It's no secret that I love to shop at these places and today Mr. Taffy indulged my need! I haven't really shopped this whole trip. I've seen things, but managed to resist the urge, knowing that we had very little space in our Suburban for anything extra and not wanting to waste money. So today was pretty fun for me. Mostly I bought clothes for Bubble Gum and Laffy but I also found some Polish Pottery, which I absolutely love but WILL NOT pay full price for! Needless to say, up until today I only had once piece...What I paid today was probably 20% of (not off-say the piece was 50, I paid 10)the original price!

We were trying to think of some fun things for the little ones to do in the hotel room. Something that would use up energy, but not take up too much space or be too noisy. So Banana bought them punching balloons at Target (I'm back in the land of Targets-Thank you Lord!).
This idea worked great! They had so much fun and used up a lot of pent up energy in the process! Those bags in the background of Blue-Raspberry are laundry...I miss my washer and dryer and can't wait to get them back this week!
I think there was a problem with the comment portion of this blog...I tried to fix it. :o)
With joy,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Fun to hear from you! I bet you are ready to get settled into your house. I loooove road trips with my family, but also loooooove getting home. :)
    We had snow here today. Can you believe it?? It's almost April. Trav was supposed to work on the chicken coop, but that didn't happen. My yard needs so much work, but it just hasn't been nice enough to get it done.

  2. Great new name for your blog...the kids names are very cute!

  3. Mrs. Taffy,

    I definately like your new blog, now that I figured out you provided a link to in. Hope you are staying warm in all that chilly weather in MN.

    Love, Dad

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