Thursday, April 9, 2009

Around the house

After I posted earlier I decided to see if I could get a few pictures of things going on around here. These pictures aren't too exciting or too revealing of our new surroundings, but it's a tiny little glimpse.
Here's Chocolate Taffy raking the leaves, the chairs and fire pit behind him is the neighbors back yard, he was working right at the property line. We are on a pretty small lot. Actually, the people that lived here before us (not the renters, but the family we actually bought the house from) did a huge add on and that takes up a lot of the back yard.
Here's another shot of the back yard. Our property butts up to an area that is kept for wild life, there is an over flow pond back there and many many birds and squirrels. That fence is our other neighbors. Our plan is to take down all those little trees and turn them into firewood, we have a wood burning stove, and put in a swing set, a garden and a clothes line back here. We have two decks, one off the back and one off the side, so there is still room to eat or sit outside without going into the backyard.Two of my handsome sons, enjoying the sunshine! They are standing on one of the decks, that room behind them is our sun room and part of the add-on that I mentioned earlier. Strawberry Taffy found a sunny spot to read in the dining room. Our bedroom is too small to put that loungy couch in anymore. It works great in this spot though.
So there you have it, just a tiny little glimpse. I'll share more soon!
Mrs. Taffy

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