Monday, April 27, 2009

The Cousins are here and other happenings

We had the special honor of "keeping" the cousins today. Their momma is in having another procedure done, so while she is busy doing that, we are enjoying the blessing of three more girls. Here are all the children, minus one toddler, playing Monopoly. Today they have been playing games, running around outside, watching movies and playing girlie things with Strawberry Taffy. It's great to have them here! Here is Blue-Raspberry Taffy, he ran inside to tell me of some injustice and I just thought he looked so cute with that crooked hat on. He was in the middle of being very angry when I took this picture, doesn't he look sweet?
Since we are back in the "land o' plenty" we've been searching Craig's List for a play structure for our younger three. Mr. Taffy, aka Big Daddy, promised Blue Raspberry a "park" long ago back when we were building our house in the Pacific NW. We never did manage to get that park built, but Blue Raspberry and Bubble Gum are thrilled to have their own slide and swings! Next project? A fence! I'll have some more house pictures to post soon. I've been working on putting the curtains back up in our sun room. It is a huge project, there are 6 big windows in there with two panels each, it's taking forever to iron those curtains! I only have one window left though, then I'll take a picture and share. This is our favorite room, by far!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Gotta love Craig's List! Looks like a great find!

  2. okay, so that day I had fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun, and hmmm.... let me think, more FUN!!!!!!!!!
    -STrawberry Taffy.


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