Thursday, April 30, 2009

The cutting of the foam...

This is something you don't see every day! Well, the bunk beds are normal enough, though you should know that our oldest sons haven't had their own beds for MONTHS! They have been sleeping on air's a long story, but finally we got them their own beds again and these beds are special in that they are EXTRA LONG! So these will hopefully last them through the rest of their years at home! This is where it gets interesting! Mr. Taffy and I had this California King Foam Mattress for about 5 years and we've always thought it would be cool to cut it in half and use the two halves for the boy's extra long beds that we hoped to get them one day. The day has come, and here we are, cutting the foam! The tape is just to help keep us straight. I'm in the back making sure Mr. Taffy doesn't push the mattress over while he's cutting. We used my electric knife to cut this puppy! Worked great! Peek-a-boo!Well, it worked! It's not a perfect cut, but the mattresses fit and the boy's are so happy! They love our foam mattress! We got ourselves a replacement mattress of course and yup, it is another foam mattress! Can't beat the comfort!This silly picture...See that bite in the mattress? Laffy Taffy took a bite out of our mattress way back in Washington, we took off the cover to wash and while we weren't looking: CHOMP! So we re-enacted the moment here, it was pretty funny! It's even funnier if you click on the picture!
With the moving of the beds also came the unpacking of the boys room and another significant event: Laffy Taffy moved out of our bedroom. Sigh. Bittersweet as usual. Blue-Raspberry Taffy is over-joyed with his little roommate though!
I'm feeling pretty happy with our progress over here! Things are getting clean, orderly and fresh smelling!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Hey! Good idea! So did you make the beds?

  2. Hi Jamie! No we didn't end up making the beds...the price of wood is really high right now, so it was actually less expensive to buy them. We didn't pay tax or shipping and they went together like a dream! No screws! We had the whole thing put together in under 15 minutes. They are college loft beds so they are made to rearrange! They are super heavy duty and strong. I'm so glad we got them. I don't have the website saved on my laptop, but Mr. Taffy does...if you want it. :O)


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