Thursday, April 30, 2009

A great day!

We had such a great day on Tuesday. We met our friends at the MN Children's Museum. Boy, was it crowded, but it was really fun anyway. I love seeing my younger three get to experience this museum, this was a regular hang-out for us when my first three were younger. They have such good memories about playing here too and they are getting a lot of joy out of seeing their younger siblings play and learn. Clifford...oh Clifford...this is the Clifford room, set up to look like Birdwell Island! What a cool room!

Here's Blue-Raspberry Taffy with his buddy, we were also celebrating his buddy's birthday!! Happy Birthday Big Guy!!

After the museum we went to Harriet Island Park. It was glorious! The park is on the Mississippi River and it's huge! We had lunch here and then stayed and walked along the river for a ways and then on the playground. The weather was perfect and we all came home with sunshine on our faces!!

Sadly, I sent my camera to the car...I don't know what I was thinking! There were so many good photo opportunities at this park! Hopefully we'll go again and I can get some pictures then!

On the home front, I've been thinking about and praying about and researching my homeschool options for next year. My Banana Taffy will be in the 9th grade so I'm really praying about what his next four years should look like and how we can finish up with him ready for his life calling. I am committed to do this (homeschool) until the end, though at one time I almost quit. Thank God I didn't! The fruit get sweeter as the years go by!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Mrs. Taffy,

    Great pictures!

    Home schooling can be a challenge in the high school years. However, if they learn the basics and then focus on a few interests, they will have a lot to draw upon in the future. Someone once said that if you spend about an hour a day reading and learning about one particular topic, in five years you would be an expert.

    God will show you the way!

    Love, Dad

  2. I'm jealous. I wish we has a museum like that down here!


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