Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here we go!

Yay! I'm back for good now! We are connected here at the house, we can find all the cords and camera parts, we can find our toothbrushes and our Bibles! I think I am actually beginning to feel settled. It feels great! As we've been unpacking, I have to admit it has been overwhelmingly stressful at times. The chaos is hard on me, I like order. But as things are getting put in their proper places and we are tripping over less and less boxes, as windows get cleaned and spider webs vacuumed, as the smell is starting to leave and as I start cooking again, we are feeling more and more peaceful. More and more thankful. I love this house. It's a weird thing to move back into a house that we've lived in before, but it's a neat thing too because I had it figured out ahead of time where the furniture was going.

We had to do some painting right away because the renters didn't use head boards...we had some nice greasy walls to cover up. We also had to completely gut the boys room because the renter's son smoked in that room, there were burn holes in the flooring and butts in the windowsill. My big boys have been painting and cleaning and dreaming about how they will make it a "hunting"themed room. They want to get a real bear rug and deer antlers for the wall. They might as well do it now, because I don't think their future wives will stand for it! :o)

The girls are patiently waiting for us to paint their room. Sadly, their room will be painted last. While the living space in this house is very big, the bedrooms are very small and they have so much furniture there is no room to walk around in their room. So we have to finish the other rooms first so we can take all their furniture and disperse it in the other rooms. I'm thinking about how to get their dressers out of their permanently. I think I can do, but it's going to take some thought. I prefer clothes hung up as apposed to in a drawer anyway, but you can't really hang up socks and underwear! :o)

It's snowed twice since we got here, once on the day we were unloading the truck. But today is beautiful! I have to say to all my WA may be colder here but the sun shines SO MUCH MORE! I forgot how much the sun shines here! It feels great to have the sun shining in the windows in the morning and all day long! Such an unexpected blessing!

We have three years of leaves in the yard to deal with. Thankfully the boys are out there, in the sunshine, raking them away.

This has been quite an emotional ride, the moving, the traveling, the sickness, the unpacking. There's a lot of the ride left too, it's not a 3 minute roller coaster thrill ride at the fair! But we are filled with hope and look toward the future with great joy because our lives rest in the hands of God, who will guide us and protect us and keep us as we stay close to him.

The theme for this year is, "Stay close the Father." That's it, through the uncertainty in life, through the terrifying news and unbelievable political events, the safest place to be is Close to the Father. We were reading about the death and Resurrection of Jesus, getting our hearts ready for "Easter" and I was really comforted by Jesus last words to us. "Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age." I pray that I mindful of these words when those feelings of fear and worry start creeping in again.

Hopefully things will get more interesting over here at the Taffy Pull! I'll start taking pictures of things and posting them so you can get a feel of our new surroundings!

Mrs. Taffy

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