Monday, April 20, 2009

My "old" friends

Here we are, like I mentioned last post, hanging out with our wonderful friends! The reason why I need to post about this is because I imagine that I given off some kind of perceived image of who/what we are as people. And a possible conclusion to the way we live would be the assumption that we don't have any long-standing relationships. I know that moving around a lot does make keeping close friends difficult. But here's a little proof that it can be done! We've been friends with the "L's" since I was nursing Strawberry Taffy. I met Mrs. L in the nursing mother's room at church and we've been friends ever since! Even with all our moving back and forth we've been able to keep that close and comfortable feeling and I am extremely thankful for this friendship! Here are a handful of the children...the L's have 4 children, pretty close in age to a few of my own!The lovely daughters! Strawberry Taffy towers over them, but she really isn't that much older, just a whole lot taller!! Still, they all enjoy each other so much, as you can clearly see by their faces!
We went out for Chinese food and when the children started getting a little too loud for my comfort, we went to Target next door. The girls walked around and the boys sat in the food court and visited. Then we enjoyed a long Minnesota Goodbye and played in the parking lot for 45 minutes until we were shivering! It was glorious! Thank you God for True Friends!
Mrs. Taffy

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