Monday, April 13, 2009

A walk in the Park

It was such a beautiful day and we were done with dinner early, so we decided to take a little walk to the park. The Twin Cities if full of beautiful parks and our neighborhood is no exception. This particular park is across the street and through the woods...In this first photo the children are looking at "Peter Rabbit." Chocolate Taffy spotted him first. Since the leaves haven't grown back in yet, we saw many bird's nests and even an abandoned hornets nest.

Here's the park! There are actually two play grounds at this park, one for the little children and one for the big children and even a swing set!

Big Daddy Taffy loves to show us how he can still fit on these rocking animals. I had so much fun watching my big husband play tag with all our children. They were running and laughing and climbing and sweating and kicking up sand. It was great!

Seems like I should have some pictures of my girls...the problem was that they were on the swings pretty much the whole time and I can never get good pictures of my children on the swings!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. Thank you! I loved the photos! I know what you mean about the swings. I have so many photos of feet or hair - those swings move faster than a digital camera!

  2. Nice them! And those cookies look like just the right kind of cookie for a treat after a trip to the park...yum! Wish we could have joined you...I'm sure our husbands would have had way to much fun on those silly things...

  3. Ditto on the great pictures. That is a nice park. I seem to remember it has a basketball hoop. Still no leaves on the trees, I see. Some cameras have a sports setting and can take multiple pictures per second. You can often get some good shots of moving targets if you have that setting. Uses a lot of memory though.

    Love, Dad

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH!!! We particularly like the one of Daddy on the little tiny rocking animal~~~hehehahahahehehahah

    Poor little animal!

  5. How are you adjusting being back? I love your new blog design!


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