Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009/2010 Homeschool Proposal

For the past few months I have been toiling over the next homeschool year. My normal routine is to make this plan in January, thus using the tax return money to buy books and supplies. As you know, the beginning of this year has been anything but typical to us (hmmm...maybe that's not exactly true. :o) Just felt like it!) So I never got my "proposal" made.

I think I should start with what exactly my proposal is. Way back at the beginning when we started homeschooling, 10 years ago now, I would look through catalogs and want to share every little thing I saw with my husband. That wasn't realistic for a couple of reasons, 1) he didn't have the attention span for it 2) it's like surfing the web over somebodies shoulder-"slow down," "wait, I wasn't done reading that yet," etc. 3) he wasn't always available. So I started typing up my findings and putting them in a "proposal." He was working in cooperate America at the time and I was trying to bring my world into his in a way he could appreciate and respect. And it worked great and I've been doing it every year since. There have been times when he will say, I think you should teach this or the boys need to learn that, and I will always try to find what that subject is and then incorporate it. I don't always stick to my list 100%, but it's still a great record of what we've used and what we've spent. My husband has ALWAYS been supportive of homeschooling, even before we know what we know now about the benefits of homeschooling and the dangers of public schooling. He enjoys going to the homeschool conferences with me, looking over the various vendors tables and listening to the speakers. We are united on the homeschool front, I have just been the one to do the planning and preparing for the year, I like it this way and it works for our family. All that said, I have finally finished my proposal for 2009/2010.

This year felt like more work because of high school. New Territory. I'm in this for the long haul and I want to do it right. Not that I don't expect to make mistakes, but I want to make well informed choices from the beginning so I'm not playing catch-up in the end. Slow and Steady wins the race, right?

I want to share my proposal, and there have been a few friends who have specifically asked me to do so, but I'm hesitant...Our homeschool choices are so personal. I don't mean personal like private, more like individual. I have been somewhat opposed to "big curriculum" in the past. Primarily because I think it's too much work for young children, especially of the elementary crowd. But as I'm researching high school and trying to abide by state laws, etc, my journey has taken me to use this "big curriculum" that I have been apposed too. A major source of encouragement in this area came from this book. I still don't agree that elementary school age children should be strapped to hours of book work, I think my proposal stays consistent in that regard, but my older children need to learn the discipline and endurance it takes to push through a book even if it's not interesting. Real Life. They need the encouragement to do their best ALL The WAY, Whole-heartedly. REAL LIFE. Up to this point, I've tried to make school as painless as possible. Doesn't mean there hasn't been hard subjects to learn, but I've tried to choose curriculum that is more "fun." I have no regrets there. But now, with high school around the corner and possibly college through distance education around the next corner, I need to up the standard a bit. So that's what my proposal shows here, a standard change, a more "grown-up" style of school work.

We've had plenty of discussions with our older three about this change and about our expectations and we have had many pep talks about how WE KNOW they are capable and well able to do the things we expect! There's a satisfaction that comes with doing the HARD THING just because it's the right, expected thing to do. That's what I want my highschoolers to learn and grasp now. It's rather humbling to think how little the amount of time is that I/we have left to make an impact on these young people. I don't feel like we won't have any impact on their lives as they enter adulthood, but there will come a point when they are completely responsible for their own choices, their own experiences and how they deal with them. My husband has some big regrets about his education. There are things that would have helped him, we want to help our children avoid the same regrets.

Okay, enough preface, here you go:

Homeschool Proposal 2009/2010

Banana Taffy-9th Grade
Math- Teaching Textbooks-Algebra
Language Arts- Abeka-Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III, Grammar & Comp.
Science- Apologia-General Science
History- Abeka-World Geography Map Studies
Reading- Abeka-9th grade reading list
Latin- English from the Roots up II
Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone-Spanish
Art- Line Design (complete a sketch-drafting)
Geography- Abeka-World Geography Map Studies

Chocolate Taffy-8th Grade
Math- Teaching Textbooks-Algebra
Language Arts- Rod & Staff-Preparing for Usefulness
Science- Apologia-Physical Science
History- Rod & Staff-Understanding North American History
Reading- Christian Light Grade 8
Latin- English from the Roots up II
Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone-Spanish
Art- Stop Motion Animation

Strawberry Taffy-6th Grade
Math- Teaching Textbooks-6th grade/7th grade
Language Arts- Rod & Staff (English and Spelling)
Science- Apologia-Zoology I & Zoology II
History- Abeka-New World History and Geography Studies
Reading- Christian Light (Calls to Courage)
Latin- English from the Roots up II
Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone-Spanish
Art- Lamb’s Book of Art II

Blue Raspberry Taffy- 1st grade
Math- Developmental Math 3
Language Arts- Sequential Spelling 1, Language Arts for the Very Young
Science- Nature Reader & Lapbooks
History- Lapbooks
Reading- Pathway Readers & Workbooks
Latin- N/A
Foreign Language- Sign Language
Art- Little Lambs

Bubble Gum Taffy- Pre-K
Math- Developmental Math 2
Language Arts- Rod & Staff Workbooks
Science- Lapbooks
History- Lapbooks
Reading- N/A-Reading time with Momma
Latin- N/A
Foreign Language- Sign Language
Art- Various Crafts with Momma

I would like to mention also, that some of these choices I made based on things I already have, things I've bought in the past and things I've found at used curriculum sales. My total cost of curriculum this year will be around $1000.00 but that includes the Rosetta Stone and that's rather spendy-but it's three years worth of lessons. I'm hoping to bring that number way down by finding things as used curriculum sales through the summer. My initial cost is based on new prices.

So there you have it. I hope the links are helpful. Sorry this post is so long! Phew! I'm looking forward to next year, to much learning and much growing in the disciplines of self-control and to watching my children learn and mature.

Mrs. Taffy


  1. All that planning is what I miss most about homeschooling! That is the big charge for ME! I believe I have passed that on to W as well (heh heh). He has his four years of college all planned out (subject to change of course).

    I'm glad to see all that geography! Its so important and most kids only have a vague idea of where things are. One of W's college history teachers always makes his students pass a geography test during the first few weeks of class, just so they know where the basics are! (I also approve because I never learned it that well in school! : )

    You are amazing! I just taught one child! You have a one-room school house!

  2. Thank you so very much! Very inspiring and made me re-think some things...thank you thank you thank you!

  3. Mrs. Taffy,

    Well thought out and thorough! Glad to see high school curriculum that is remaining God-centered. I agree with your Mom, understanding world geography has never been more important.

    As an incentive? Maybe we could post some of the art or science project results on the family blog - those that you feel are done with excellence. That is a large part of my vision for starting it.

    Love, Dad

  4. Glad you did this. It was informative and interesting and I agree with your mom and dad about the importance of geography!


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