Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back Yard & Bonus

We've been staying busy this week. Besides school, every spare minute has been used outside cleaning things up and making those things productive. Strawberry is working on the herb garden here. This space was covered with rocks, Chocolate Taffy was good enough to take all the rocks off for us. What a hard worker! We moved them to the front yard, where there are more rocks used in the landscaping. Do you like my little walkway? I made that out of left over flagstone that I found under the deck! That was so fun to do!Eventually we will have this space filled with herbs. Today we planted Yarrow and Rosemary, both are hardy in our zone. YAY! We didn't plant any other seeds today because it was so windy and hot. I was afraid the seeds would blow away. Here's another project we worked on. This is the pretty landscaping going down the right side of the house. It was totally overgrown with weeds and rocks were displaced exposing landscaping fabric. Now it's just lovely. This is my favorite area right now.
The pathway above leads to the play set in the backyard. The big boys have been working on making it level and laying landscape fabric underneath. We have a heap of wood chips in the driveway to put under this too. The goal is for it to get done before Saturday! We are having friends over, there will be many, many little children here.

When I was working on the side, I found a little frog. It became Blue-Raspberry Taffy's pet, so to speak. He let it go today, at the insistence of his mother who was worried for the little guys health. :o) He was sad, but obedient. Then look what daddy found on the way home, just crossing the road in the windstorm...cute! Blue-Raspberry is so happy. They made a home for it in a pond that we found for $8 and bought some minnows and now he has a new pet. Isn't God good?
Here's your bonus...I thought these picture were so funny because this guy is such a good eater. His plate here is heaping with Mexican food: enchiladas, rice, corn, tomatoes, sour cream, chips. He ate and ate and ate!

I don't know many 19 months old who will willingly eat this kind and this quantity of food! Apparently he's bound and determined to get as big as his older brother's and daddy!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. The yard is definately coming together! Hard work has its rewards.

    Love, Dad

  2. Wow he is/was messy!:0) Okay so the picture of my and my shoe... I had no socks on and dirt kept getting in my shoes and my feet were sweating so it did NOT feel good. And it kept happening so unaware I was emptying out my shoes (which I got scolded for) and mom took a pic! AAHHH!! (I wair socks with those shoes now, or else I wair Salt Water Sandles)
    -Strawberry Taffy


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