Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Hands

I was just exhausted yesterday. I had a coffee too late in the evening the night before and ended up staying up way past my bed time! Just because I went to bed late didn't mean I could get up, the children were asking if they could make this and that and the other things, getting ready for various events they had over the weekend. I was too tired to discuss it or help out, so I just said sure. Then I went upstairs and gave bath to my little ones. From the top of the stairs I took these pictures of these two working in the kitchen side by side.

Strawberry Taffy was making peanut butter chocolate bars to serve her cousins today. And Banana Taffy was making caramel popcorn to take on their drive to South Dakota, to pick up the Bee Hives-YAY!
I'm really proud of these too, proud that they worked peacefully together, proud that they MADE their snacks and proud that they cleaned up afterward. No idle hands here!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. That is a beautiful thing to see two siblings working side by side like that!

    I hope you're all rested now!


  2. Good Job you two - it really blessed your mom!

    I would love to make these with my children - could you post directions on how to make them...

    I'm so proud of you both,
    Hugs - Mrs. Griffin

  3. Those are certainly reasons to be proud. I would be too. Way to go Strawberry Taffy and Banana Taffy! You guys have done such a fantastic job raising such beautiful children!


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