Friday, May 29, 2009

Como Zoo

When Mr. Taffy asked me what I wanted to do for our anniversary I immediately thought it would be great fun to take them to the zoo, the FREE zoo! We have a fantastic free zoo and conservatory in St. Paul. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting it! Clearly the rest of the state also agreed it was a perfect day, it was packed! I think this is such a cool's her reflection in the water!
Checking out the sea lions.
Happy boy!

Even my big boys are willing to get their picture taken, that's a benefit of being a scrapbooker--they are totally used to it!

My sweet boy who wasn't feeling very well today, but he did like the zoo.

Sweet Strawberry, she is in the sunken garden at the conservatory. Just Lovely!

After the zoo, we did some garage saling. This last picture is so funny. We got out at a garage sale and I looked at Blue-Raspberry and there he was wearing Laffy's sweatshirt. I asked him why in the world he had that on, and apparently a certain brother put it on him and told him it was his. I laughed so hard! This sweatshirt is size 3T-Blue-Raspberry wears a 7! What a crack-up!

For dinner tonight Mr. Taffy and I, along with Laffy, went out to dinner at the Texas Road House. It was great! Couldn't believe how nice the service was, how good the food was and how reasonable the price was. The Manager even gave us a free appetizer coupon to encourage us to come back. It was great! Everyone is in bed now and we are watching a movie. But I NEVER really watch a movie...I'm always blogging or cutting lapbooks or making lists at the same time. I just like sitting close to my hubby on the couch!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Great Pictures! I laughed so hard at the picture of Blue-Raspberry. I do have to tell you one thing it shows is that you've trained your children well...that he obeyed whoever was in charge - wonderful!

    Hugs to all the Taffy family,
    Mrs. Griffin

  2. Wasn't me!

    Banana Taffy

  3. In the one picture, Banana Taffy looks as tall as his dad! Is that an optical illusion? Or is he really getting that tall?

    Love, Dad

  4. Hi Dad! Well, that was a bit of an illusion, Mike was leaning over, BUT we measured Banana and he is 6'2"!! He's only got 5 inches to go to be as tall as his DAD, so I think it's very probable he WILL be taller or at least AS tall! Amazing! Remember how fast he grew as a baby? My "Moose."


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