Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garage Sales

We've been at it again today. We really hadn't planned on going out...tomorrow and Saturday are MAJOR garage sale events in our area, so we were just planning on going out then, BUT, then I just happened to see all the garage sale ads in the paper and we changed our minds! :o) I love to buy my children clothes at garages sales! I told a friend recently that it used to be 95% of my children's clothes came from garage sales, but then we moved to an area that didn't really have garage sales and I had to learn how to buy new clothes again. Now I'm hoping I can retrain myself to find their clothes this way, it's so much cheaper and I can get NICE name brands. For example:

This stuff here is for Laffy Taffy, most of it is 3T, so he'll be growing into it, but most of these clothes are either Osh Kosh or Gap. Total for the pile was $4.00! This little pile is for Strawberry Taffy. I found her a Liz Claiborne denim skirt, a brand new cream colored fleece hoody, and two Like New white shirts for $4.35. (somebodies husband priced one of the those white shirts at .10-his mom was floored!)
And for Blue-Raspberry Taffy, who is impossible to find stuff for at garage sales because most boys his age get holes in their pants...2 pair of pants and a pair of pajamas. The light khaki pair are for summer, the other two things are for the winter. Total-$3.00I found quite a lot for Bubble Gum Taffy today. I found her snowpants, a winter jacket and boots for $6.00. Then I also got two pair of capris, a shawl, a sweat shirt and a jean skirt. The later things were around $5.00.This find surprised me the most! I didn't expect to find anything for Banana Taffy, but I found him 2 pair of Eddie Bauer denim shorts and another pair of Old Navy denim shorts, for .50 each and that hat for a quarter! See the name brands! I couldn't probably afford brand new Eddie Bauer demin shorts!! These are in perfect shape!Some other things I found...a Pampered Chef baking stone looks chipped in the picture, but it's really not. -$3.00. That paper holder, I totally need for the homeschool room, there's no place to put paper and stuff next to the printer. -$5.00

And lastly, we found this toy table for $20.00 which is perfect for Laffy Taffy and all his cars. All the little people will enjoy playing with it I'm sure, we got rid of ours in Washington, we were sad to see it go! That little three tiered race track was a QUARTER and it came with 3 cars!!

Tomorrow were are going to one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Twin Cities, they are having an All-City garage sale. I'm not sure what we'll find but some of the things are my list include:

A dining room table with 4-6 chairs.

A picnic table or similiar for the back deck.

Winter clothes for all the children.

It should be an exhausting day! Tomorrow is also Strawberry Taffy's 11th birthday, so we have some special things for her during the day as well! She's so excited! She's hoping to find a bike at the garage sales...she got some money in the mail and that's what she wants to get!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I wish I was tagging along at those garage sales! What a shopper! I'm proud of you!

  2. Happy birthday to Strawberry Taffy! Hope that the special day is fabulous and special in every way! Did she find a bike?

    You did good with all the deals you got!


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