Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden Gaurdian

Mr. Taffy made Blue-Raspberry the coolest thing yesterday, a life-size replica of a 10/22 Ruger! Mr. Taffy traced a real gun on a piece of pine that Blue-Raspberry bought with his own money for .50, then cut it out and Blue-Raspberry sanded it smooth. Now he can protect our garden from critters and feels mighty proud to have a "gun" as big as his brothers. We've been working outside most of the day. It's been so windy! We have been taking all the old rocks out of around the trees and replacing the landscaping fabric, as little things were starting to grow through it. Putting the rocks back in, minus the yard garbage... It's tedious and boring. So boring that Chocolate was actually falling asleep while he was sorting rocks! It was so windy that tiny little green caterpillars were falling out of the trees and landing on us, along with aphids. We had ants and spiders crawling on our legs and killed about a dozen jelly bean size purple beetles! YUCK! We are about halfway done with that project, like I said it is so tedious, there is just no way to do it faster! I think a storm is blowing in as it's getting very dark and it's still very hot, a good old fashioned thunder clapper might be on it's way!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Lucky boy! What a cool dad! I can't believe you sounded so calm about all the bugs landing on you!!!

  2. Did you get a huge storm too??? We had rain the size of golf balls and even hail balls like marbles! I LOVE Midwest storms!! Came quickly and left just as quickly! Enough rain in the short time to leave lakes in the fields!

    Cool gun!

  3. Oh, please send the storm our way! I LOVE thunder storms. They remind me of aunts and uncles and past times...

    Love the new blog, love the garden/yard love love the very manly gun!

    p.s. where did you get the great matching shirts?

  4. Hi Keeper Friend! I got the adult size shirts, 5 total, at a hardware store of all places, but they were really cheap, under $4. The little people's shirts came from Target, less than $5 a piece as well! They aren't Flag Tees, but it is always fun to coordinate!

  5. It was boring, at least I'm not the only one bored! But those spiders kept me very alert!

  6. You guys are so creative! I love it! I love that you made your own wooden ruger out of pine like that.


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