Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the day my beloved and I celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary!! We met in high school, the summer before my senior year. While Mr. Taffy was two years behind me in school, he was and still is only 8 months younger than me. I graduated at 17...Anyway, I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but I would definitely say there was an attraction! He was the tallest person I had ever met and the only boy I'd ever met who could actually hold an intelligent conversation! The only thing I asked the Lord for, when praying for a husband, was that he would be someone who I could talk too--like really talk too. About "deep" things. I didn't come from a family of talkers, we are a family of stuffers! And let me tell you, God must have been impressed with my simple prayer because Mr.Taffy and I talk about everything!! All the time! We can still talk on the phone for hours if he's out of town or something! Along with God giving me a man who talks, he's also given me a man who is generous to a fault, completely trustworthy and loves me with an all-consuming love. I can only hope to be half as good of a wife as he is a husband to me.

We don't take it for granted the length of our marriage, we count it a privilege and a great mercy from the Lord. We both came from broken homes, and the "odds" are against us, but God is for us and we are committed!

Some pictures to make you smile:
The Prom: 1990-How come nobody told me I was skinny? HUH? I'm 17 and I'm pretty sure he is too. 5 years, three children later...braces for us! We are both 25 here. This is 2003. That would make us 30.This is fresh from today, nice and fluffy huh? :o) Today we are 36. We had such a nice day, and I'll blog about that next!


Mrs. Taffy


  1. I LOVED this blog! What a wonderful, wonderful Godly man you've been blessed with. I loved all you had to say about your best friend. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Carissa! Abundant blessings to two very beautiful souls!

  2. That was lovely, Happy Anniversary!

  3. A very happy anniverary to the both of you!
    I think it so wonderful that the Lord gave you above and beyond what you prayed for...and I think he would agree that you are a wonderful wife and mother! You two are a perfect perfect perfect fit!
    We all enjoy your family and I think many women watching you, even when you're not looking, are encouraged to be better to their men because your man is so have a beautiful marriage!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Love the pics :))


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