Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Strawberry Taffy!

Friday was Strawberry's 11th birthday! What a delightful young lady she is! This child brings me so much peace and joy! I can't even express what a wonderful daughter she is to her father and I. This sweet girl is very compliant, obedient and joyful! She loves to read, knit, sew, write, dream and dote on her baby brother. She is my #1 helper and best of all she still LIKES me! I pray that as she blooms into womanhood she will continue on the path that she is already on and any boy who may start take to notice of her just better watch out, I'm going to memorize this book! Her birthday corresponded with the big garage sale weekend I blogged about before. Initially she was a little disappointed that we would be garage saling on her birthday, but once she realized that her cousins would be there and that she would be getting some cash to spend, she perked up about it! She DID find herself a beautiful brand new PINK girl's bike for $40. Her daddy did some bargaining for her! We are so happy for her! She also found an antique trunk for $4 that she is going to refurbish and use as a hope chest. A couple other things she found that she was so happy with are a high-quality jump rope for .10 and a large Amish doll for .50 and a quill pen with ink for .25! What a deal finder! I brought cupcakes to the garage sale too, to share with the cousins. It was a great day and you can see by the smile on her face that she's pretty happy too!

We love you Strawberry!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Happy Birthday Strawberry!!!

    Carissa you are so blessed to have a daughter like her, I pray she continues on the wonderful path she is on now...what great parents she has!!!

    :) Carisa

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! How fun to find great deals at the sales!!

  3. HI Strawberry Taffy! Happy Birthday!
    I hope you had a great birthday!
    Hope your having fun at all those garage sales!

  4. She is her namesake! You did well naming her. What a delight reading what a beautiful daughter she is to you and how she's your number 1 helper. That really did bless and encourage me. I just loved your description of her. What a tremendous blessing she is. You are incredibly blessed!

  5. Happy Birthday to Strawberry! That is my idea of a perfect birthday celebration! hugs and kisses and pink flower petals sprinkling down on you like a gentle summer rain!


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