Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

Wow! Yesterday was exhausting! But boy did we have a great time!! We had a little party at our place that involved 5 adults and 13 children!! Basically the day consisted of talking and eating and running and eating and more running-like 100 times around and around and around the house! Mr. Taffy took the children over for a little Apiary Field Trip and they got to see our hive up close and taste some raw fresh honey! Fun Fun!
Here's all the children! Included in the mix are Pillar, Miracle and Rosebud.

Blue-Raspberry with his Bud!
Here they are running and running and running! They ran until 9 pm! My family slept in until 8, which is a record for sure! We couldn't have ordered a more beautiful day! We have another record to report too. Blue-Raspberry ate 4 hotdogs! And Laffy Taffy ate 3! He smelled like hotdogs when he woke up! Pee-Eww

We aren't tired of grilling yet! Today, after our Balancing the Sword time, we are working in the garden-time to plant! And then we are grilling burgers! YUM YUM!
I pray you are enjoying the gorgeous weekend where you are!
Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Beautiful! I feel like I was there!
    Are the individual photos new too? Nice!


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