Tuesday, May 26, 2009

News Flash! Hide & Seek Outlawed

Okay, this is a really weird story and one reason (the final straw) why our children won't be playing hide & seek anymore!

Tonight as I was going up to my room to change Laffy Taffy into his pajamas, I was surprised to find my bedroom door shut and locked. We NEVER have doors shut in our house! Unless it's the bathroom door of course! :o) I knocked on the door pretty loudly thinking one of the children was in their playing around. I was knocking so loudly that Mr. Taffy thought somebody was at the front the door. When I saw him trying to answer the front door I mentioned the bedroom door was locked...he gave my a tiny screw driver to "pop" the lock. Turns out it's not a pop lock though, it's a turn lock. As I was playing around with it I started asking the children where Bubble Gum was. She was so tired this afternooon, I thought maybe she went in and felt asleep on my bed. Nobody knew where she was, imagine my surprise when Mr.Taffy got the door open with a spackle knife and Bubble Gum Taffy was nowhere to be seen. We started getting a little excited (and not in a good way). Everyone split up and starting looking for her. We were halloring and looking under beds, in closets, in the garage and truck. She was no where! So I finally bent down to look under my bed, thinking for sure she couldn't be under there, it's only 6 inches off the floor. There she was, completely wedged and totally asleep under our bed. I started yelling for Mr. Taffy and the boys to come and lift the bed up, two of them lifted the bed off the floor, while another pulled her out. I was there to hold the sleeping beauty and see if she was still okay. There was a brief moment when panic tried to get ahold of my heart. Seeing her laying there, she might as well have been dead; she was so still, so flat. I still can't believe she squeezed in there. She was so hot when she came out and she has a rug burn on her belly, but she is all snuggled up in her own bed now, alive and well. I am incredibly thankful and completely convinced that Hide & Seek should be banished from our household forevermore! AMEN!


  1. Well that is enough to give any mommy or daddy a scare!

  2. Oh My! I'm so glad all was well! {BIG HUG FROM YOUR MOMMY}

  3. I know what you mean. That mommy panic can make you freeze.

    My little guys sometimes will find a little place and hide and then fall asleep. My three year old for some reason has been going into the boys room and locking himself up in there. I've had to many times, unscrew the door knob to get him out.

    So glad you found her. She's so adorable.

  4. Hi Chris! Even when I was making my bed this morning, I was trying to figure out how she got in there...She's been a little sick since then, I'm hoping it's not related to being squished under there!

  5. I had to search and re-find this...you'll never guess what was on foxnews.com a few weeks ago...an article talking about how hide-n-seek was outlawed at someones home...due to the fact that a little girl 3 or 4 fell asleep in a dresser drawer. Firefighters came, police came, neighborhood folks combed the streets...hours and hours and hours of looking and finally they found her - alive and well rested!


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