Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Garden

We had such a fun restful day on Saturday that we decided to spend Sunday planting our garden. What an amazing amount of work! This area was full of roots. We had all those trees removed and the stumps ground up, but many of the roots were still there. Mr. Taffy and Banana and Chocolate tilled and pulled and axed, until all the big roots were removed. Strawberry and I did help too, even Blue-Raspberry was helping at one point. I say it took about 5 hours to get this area ready for planting. When they were about half way through Strawberry and I started planting! Here's what we planted: 4 rows of sugar snap peas, one row of Fava beans (courtesy of the Sequim Farm Tours and Nash's farm), 3 rows of banana squash, 4 rows of butternut squash(all squash is thanks to my friends in Yelm, WA), 3 rows of beets and 3 rows of brussel sprouts. On the other side of the garden we have 4 rows of white sweet corn, 3 rows of red sweet corn, 12 cucumber mounds and 4 rows of carrots. Phew! My knees were aching by the end of the day! We also planted pumpkins, but those are over by the play area. The narrow garden area is for strawberry's and around the outside of the garden, against where the fence will be, we will plant raspberry's! This was so much fun! We ended the day with burgers on the grill, watermelon and a gallon of chocolate milk. Though it was so hard and we were sweaty and hot and aching, we all went to bed feeling satisfied and proud of our hard work.
We aren't taking today off, it's back to the books for us! Hope your weekend's been great too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. You guys are so hard-working and productive. I love it! Good job!

  2. You make me feel like the grasshopper, playing while the sun shines; and you, the ants working hard! All that food means fall canning and freezing! It will be wonderful this winter! If I was planting I would do basil and garlic and tomatoes - I LOVE Pesto!
    Your yard seems huge-er with every photo you send! I don't remember it being so BIG!

  3. Wow, that is a lot of garden! It was a lot of work to prepare the soil, it will be a lot of work to water and weed throughout the summer. You may have to fence it to keep out the rabbits. But it will be wonderful when you will reap the rewards of your labors.

    Love, Dad


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