Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Sunroom

Here's a quick peak into our sun room. This was an add on to the original house done by the previous home owners,one of the reason we love the house so much is this room. Each member of our family really loves this room. There are two sky lights in the faulted ceiling and besides all these windows, there are two doors-a regular glass door and a sliding glass door. This room is very bright and cheerful! Our wood stove. This will actually heat our house in the winter! The upstairs, where the bedrooms are, get nice and toasty!
A built in entertainment center, I just use it to store all the stuff that wouldn't fit in m kitchen. And my laptop. :o)

This is the view from the sun room into the rest of the house. That empty space there is where a kitchen table will go when I find a great deal at a garage sale. For now it's just a great space for the kids to run and s l i d e....
I think I've shared all the main living areas, maybe I'll do the bedrooms next!
Mrs. Taffy

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  1. That is the part of your house I love best! I remember playing Trivial Pursuit in there, cinnamon rolls rising, and reading stories. Your curtains look great!


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