Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Used Curriculum Sale

Today I went to a used curriculum fair. It was really fun, in that Mr. Taffy offered to keep all the children home with him, so I could go alone and concentrate! I decided to bring Banana Taffy with me, he's my body guard and A #1 book carrier. AKA My Peeps! He is such a blessing! The sale was big, but I hardly found anything. So that was a little disappointing...I found quite a few books on my list for 9th grade reading, I found the rest of Strawberry's History set and part of Banana's English, but really there wasn't much there that I was looking for. What I saw was lots of 5th grade curriculum and Geometry Books! Yuck! Who likes Geometry? Besides, I already have Geometry! Sorry guys! And you know, there were many things I would have liked to have...but now is just not the time! I feel so behind this year with buying curriculum, usually I'm done by now. Still, it was a fun day I got to see my dear friend at the sale and our local neighborhood pizza place had pepperoni pizza's for $3.99 tonight-customer appreciation night! YUM!

Mrs. Taffy

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  1. That sounds like fun! I really enjoyed the year you and I went to the who convention curriculum sale! Its hard to find what you really want at a used curriculum sale, but usually you can find lots of interesting stuff to be tempted by!


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