Monday, June 8, 2009

Follow Me

This is a blog post I wrote a while back...I sent it to another blog I write for but I think she may be saving it for next Easter. I really wanted to share this since it was so profound to me recently and still is. My hope is that it encourages you too!

During the Easter Holiday we were reading the different accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all offer a slightly different account, all true just different perspectives for us to learn from. I found a treasure in the account by John; I can’t stop thinking about it! I think it is an encouraging word for all God’s people, but especially for us moms.
Most people know the end of John for the famous, “Peter, Do you love me?” words of Jesus. Here is where I found the treasure. While Jesus was asking Peter these questions, Peter was also questioning Jesus about John, comparing himself to John if you will. Jesus’ answer surprised me and convicted me and encouraged me all at the same time. Clearly Jesus had a different plan for Peter and John and when Peter questioned this Jesus said, “If I will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me.” These are the words that have been floating around in my head every time I start to compare my life to another mom’s life…How come they get to have so many children, how come they get to live in the same house for a decade, how come I have to follow my husband all over the country? You can put your own questions there. We mom’s are good at comparing ourselves to other mom’s, but what’s it to us? God has called us to do this thing at this time in this way. Will I follow HIM? Even if it’s not in the way I want or somebody else’s life looks better or easier than mine? Will I follow HIM?

Please Lord; give me the heart to follow You, no matter what or where. You are worthy and I am so thankful!

Holding Fast,
Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Yes God has created each of us for a specific purpose, from the foundations of the world. Some for this, some for that, all uniquely different. God is the center of all of it. But the trials we experience along the way are common to all of us, so sharing experiences the way you do encourages others who are on their unique journeys.

    Love, Dad


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