Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

We went garage saling today! It was the perfect day for it, sunny and mild. Here's what we found: This is an interesting thing made by Usborne. It's some kind of reading and math game, self-correcting. I think Blue-Raspberry will think it's great fun and I love it because it's educational! $5

I actually got this LAST weekend at a garage sale, but I saw it as I was snapping pictures so I just thought I'd include it. $2
A parking Garage for Laffy. $2.50 Next to the garage is a little Curious George toy- $.25
Blue-Raspberry bought these with his own money. $.25 each

Sorry about this horrible picture...she was in her bed for quiet time...but I HAD to get a picture of the cool thing she bought. It's a little vanity from Little Tykes, complete with pretend nail polish, lip stick, hair dryer and comb. All the pieces are there and Bubble Gum just thinks it's so wonderful! $.50
This is Strawberry's pile. I found her a nice pair of snow pants-$3.00, two pair of capri's-one for now and one to grow into. $1.00 each. A heart sweater-$.50 and that cute polo dress-$1.00. She bought that cute flip flop message board! $1.00

Here is Laffy Taffy's pile. Each piece was $.50 so I have a totally of $5.00 worth of clothes here! NICE! Summer and fall!

Here's the final wonderful thing I found. It's an adorable rocking chair, red with cowboys and denim. Totally matches my house! I put it in my room, so he can sit in style while he's watching Barney and I'm putting away laundry!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. That rocking chair is adorable! You guys find the best stuff! The garage sales I go to are full of rusty old tools and plastic stuff that's seen better days!

    I can't believe how big Laffy is getting! They can change so much in just a few months!

  2. AH! I agree,, the rocking chair is a GREAT find!!!! WOW!!

  3. Down here we garage sell shop too. It is great fun... finding that treasure... those 25c books... those educational supplies no one used..


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