Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

We really did go garage saling last's just taken me forever to post about it. I haven't had the patience I guess, or maybe I'm really busy (I never really like that reason) anyway, here you go! It wasn't that exciting of a garage sale day. It was actually raining and I wasn't sure we would find any sales open, but Minnesotans are die-hard and many people had those collapsible carports set up in their driveway so their stuff wouldn't get wet!

These three movies were .50 each, I thought they would be great to pull out on a steamy summer afternoon. (T0day is supposed to be 90 with 100% humidity!)
A pair of Colombia Boots for Blue-Raspberry. .50 These have virtually NO WEAR!

Cute! Stampin' Up Stamps for the girls and I! Fun! The price is obvious! :o)

Clothes for Strawberry~Including those floral pants! If you knew me from high school you KNOW I have a "thing" about crazy floral pants! She looks adorable in them! Total for all the clothes- $5.00
Two pair of Levi's, Osh Kosh shorts, a sweater and a pair of camo jammies for Blue-Raspberry. $6.00

For Bubble Gum I found some Christmas jammies and a tee-shirt. Total-$1.00
For Laffy Taffy I found two cute sweat shirts for the fall. Total-.75 We also found him a Step Two slide for the back yard, I didn't get a picture of it though, it's a great size and he really likes it! The most expensive thing I bought this time out-$30.00

Chocolate Taffy found a bench press set! It's just awesome and we saw an ad for the exact same one in the newspaper yesterday, without the weights, for $200! He bought the whole thing, including many weights for $35.00! We had to rearrange the garage a little bit, but he's been out there lifting weights and he's thoroughly inspired!
I won't be able to go garage saling this week, we have something a little more pressing going on. Did you find any wonderful treasure while out garage saling?
Holding Fast,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I love those movies!!!! Keep cool!

  2. That King and I is our families favorite one...older is always better! We think the king is so funny...and probably because he is a "Mr. Commander" type know the rest...

    Happy Sailing...our sale is this weekend...first time ever having one...should be an experience for sure.

  3. That's an amazing deal on those Columbia boots!


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