Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

I know I said I wouldn't be garage saling this week, but as the scripture reminds us, "Man plans his ways, the Lord directs his steps." So it actually worked out this morning to hit a couple sales. It really wasn't in the plan! The older children finished the Study Skills and Science section of the CAT tests this morning so I was anxious to get them in the mail. Mr. Taffy needed to go to the bank, Laffy Taffy was napping, so it worked out to leave Banana Taffy in charge and we ran out for a short time. Turns out our local post office doesn't send out mail...weird. I didn't end up mailing the tests, saving it for tomorrow. But on our way back we saw 3 sales in our neighborhood, on the same road, and HAD to stop! Look what I found:

Cute little Stride Rite shoes for Bubble Gum Taffy. The toes are a little scuffed (fixable) and the bottoms have virtually no wear. These will be perfect for this fall and winter. $2.00
This ADORABLE back pack for Laffy Taffy. It's quilted-so soft! He loves it! $1.00

I also got these extra large letter magnets. They were on the high side I felt, but there are a ton of letters and I've been looking for the really big ones-baby safe! $3.00 As a side note...both sides of my fridge are covered with letters...I've already kicked a couple under the fridge...they are already bugging me...if you know me, I'm sure you're laughing...They will be moved to the basement, our freezer is a much better place for this kind of creativity! And mom's sanity...
I also found some clothes for Strawberry Taffy. My sweet daughter...her body is changing...sigh...She's stretching out, so she's getting taller, but actually thinner. So for a while she was wearing petite small in ladies clothes. Then she grew to Medium, normal height and now she's back to small, but normal height, not petite! So I found a her pair of denim capri's for a dollar and some cute pink tops for the fall, $1 each. She was so blessed with the capri's, because now can match me! She's so sweet!
The nieces are here, their momma is having a follow-up laser surgery today. It's out-patient, but it is another one surgery and it does still have the normal stresses accompanying it. Mr. Taffy is with his sister and will be bringing her home shortly.
I'm trying to decide what to do tomorrow...I'm kinda in the mood to go to the beach again, or maybe garage's a free day for us! No school, No tests, nothing in particular to do! Maybe the Children's Museum. I'll have to see what the kids are in the mood for, but I bet they'll say beach!
Holding fast to the ONE who holds the stars in place and still holds me,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Garage Sales on Thursdays? Not heard of much here in Florida. Most of ours are on Saturday. Maybe they are out there on Thursdays, I just haven't searched.

    Great buys!!

  2. Yes, always Thurday! Sometimes as early as Wednesday! I never get out on Wednesdays though. Is it true that in Florida people go through each others trash? I think I saw that on Trading Spaces or something. LOL!

  3. I vote BEACH too!



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