Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Science Museum

Today we went to the MN Science Museum again. They have a cool program there where the kid's can bring in things they've found in nature and get points and trade for other things found in nature. The more they know about the item, the more points they get. Banana brought in a wasp's nest that we found in the neighbor's tree, the wasps had abandoned it. Also, he brought in a skull, though we didn't know it at the time, now we know it was a raccoon skull. Very cool!
Blue-Raspberry brought in a beautiful pine cone cluster that we found in Washington and beetle that we found in the backyard.

Strawberry brought in some oyster shells that she also found at Poulsbo Bay in Washington and an avocado pit. :o)
For a trade, Banana Taffy chose this antler. He is just thrilled with his trade! I think he wants to turn it into a hat rack.

Blue-Raspberry and his friend both got these big shells with their points. They are so happy with their treasure and even have points left over for next time. Strawberry has decided to let her points accumulate and bring in more nature treasures to get enough points to "buy" some of the beautiful natural beads they have there, she and her friend want to make a necklace.My funny boy who likes to "cheese" when he sees the camera in front of my face...

After the museum we headed to the park. This time we visited Central Park-Victoria East, in Roseville. It was a perfect day: slight breeze, low 70's. The children had a great time running and swinging and climbing.
Then we headed home, to do chores, grill burgers and wash the outside of the house. Yup, I'm so annal, I actually got a bucket full of soapy water and washed the siding on the front of our house. 5 years of dirt is not attractive! It looks great now though and even though I have dishpan hands from all the scrubbing, I'm starting to feel like our house isn't the ugliest house on the block!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a lovely day! My mom used to always say "I don't know how you do it!" now I'm thinking that! : )

    Warning...once antlers get in the house, they NEVER go away!

  2. Hi grandma,
    do you have antlers in your house? I have never seen them.

    You are proably right, It will be in my possesion for a very long time.

    Banana Taffy

  3. Yes indeed Banana, we have antlers in our house! Just one set, with part of the skull attached - but at least all the bits of hair have fallen off over the years! We usually put them on top of the clock around Christmas, decorated. Now they're on top of our wardrobe, ominously aimed at us all night. I've always thought if they were properly mounted, they would make a charming hat-rack, Maybe grandpa will work on that now that he's retired. And yes, they are from a deer that he once hunted, shot and ate!


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