Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer School

We pretty much school year round here, but we are much more laid back in the summer and the children aren't doing nearly as many subjects.

Here's our summer schedule: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do school. The older three do Math, Science, Spelling, Handwriting and I assign them books to read for an hour each day. The younger two do all their normal stuff, because they WANT too! In fact I started teaching Bubble Gum to read today. Not because I'm in a big rush to get her reading and impress people, but because she's been begging me and I finally gave in. We are taking it very s l o w though. I've always used Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. So for the summer I'll just repeat the same 1 lesson per week. Then when we are back on a full time schedule, we'll do one lesson a day. She is so eager to learn, staring deeply into my eyes for understanding and approval. I LOVE teaching this age!

Tuesday is our most fun day. This is day we have picked to be our beach/museum day. If it's a nice day out, we'll go to a lake for swimming. If it's cold or raining, we'll go to either the Children's Museum or the Science Museum. Last week we went to the science museum, it was beautiful out, but too cold for swimming. It looks like tomorrow we'll be at the Children's Museum for the same reason, but the big boys won't be going with us, they are staying home to help daddy build a fence!

Thursday is garage sale/shopping day. We'll hit local garage sales in the morning and as soon as I start getting tired (read bored) of that, we'll do our grocery shopping. Thursday is the BIG garage sale day in this state and I feel I need to take advantage of them!

When they do summer school they are generally finished by lunch time, so they have the rest of the day to enjoy their hobbies: Banana-Blogging, Chocolate-Movie Making, Strawberry-Crafting.

Do you school through the summer? What's your schedule like?

Holding Fast,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I think you are teaching them continuous education. Very good life lesson!

    just finished a books by Dr. David Jeremiah and Rush Linbaugh. Just started a book about Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Don't read for entertainment much, though the books I read can be entertaining!

    Love, Dad

  2. Yes, I do school during the summer. I have to since I usually am relaxed during my regular school year (mostly due to being pregnant).

    We're going on vacation at the end of the week for a week, when we get back it will take about a week to get back (mentally) from vacationing. LOL It looks like by the end of june or July we'll pick back up. I will probably school 4 mornings a week and primarily do science, reading, and writing. Then we'll have a flex day to go out and play. :)


  3. Love your blog! I've lurked for a long time(back when it was the "other" blog).

    Yes, we homeschool year round. Summer is lighter for us too. We do a few focus areas (math and writing this summer) with fun things too. I have 5 children so far (Makayla almost 8, Joseph 4, Emma 3, Daniel 19 mos, Oliver 3mos).

  4. tdrowlee, Welcome! Glad you are here! What a wonderful family you have!


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