Monday, June 22, 2009

Testing Week

This week is testing week at our house. According to both MN and WA state law, homeschoolers have to be tested once a year. This year we are using the CAT test (yup, it's the same one we took in public school.) I am using this testing service. I used them last year too, very easy company to work with! We did half the test today and we'll do the other half on Wednesday. Tomorrow we are going to the beach!
Yeah...he's about to yawn. They complained about the godlessness of the questions and they are worried about the evolution in the science portion. I think they are doing great!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. W. always found testing fun. I hope you guys do too. That means its easy! It's good practice for later when you will surely have to take tests. One thing we found homeschooled kids sometimes have trouble with is filling out forms!

  2. We never got to go to the beach during mandatory testing. Looks like you are doing so well not only are the tests easy, your test week is fun! It is hard to stay focused on multiple choice tests when there is no figuring to do.

    Love, Dad/Papa

  3. We finished those last month,, I was nervous cause here in SD you have to mail in the results to the district, but the kids did so well that I know it's totally fine...maybe they'll see that homeschooled kids are wayyyyyyyyy smarter :)

    Beach sounds nice, we tried Lake Mitchell Sat. but it had such green algie growing,, gross!!
    Are there leeches in MN? Not sure if they are here, asked around but get different answers.

  4. Yawn....testing! We will be doing ours at the begining of "school"...Like the first week in September or something...

    I know your children will do great and will be glad with their results.

    Hugs to all...happy testing and happy beach day!


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