Thursday, July 9, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

I hope you are ready for lots of pictures because today was a great day for Garage Saling. We were only out for 3 hours with one potty break and 1 wild goose chase!

I did NOT buy these! These are a treasure to another member of my family: Banana Taffy. Did you know you can rub these antlers together as a type of Buck or Doe call during hunting? I never knew that! $1.00
This isn't something I really "need" per say, but I just couldn't pass it up. It's a Pottery Barn Quilt. Just absolutely lovely! The size is for a toddler bed, the picture doesn't do it justice. $5.00 The matching dust ruffle was $1.00.
Each thing in this picture below was .25 each. We bought the stacking cups to take to the "beach." That dress is Gymboree...I can't find a flaw? Why was it a quarter? I couldn't in my right mind leave it there! The little stamp says "miss you" and the frame is pewter colored with stars-really heavy and the picture in it is a crack-up. The kids keep asking me if bought it for the picture! Of course not! I'm going to put a picture of somebody I LOVE in there! :o)
Clothes for Laffy Taffy: Two fleece pants, 1 zip off pants (gymboree), a hoodie, a long sleeve t.shirt, denim shorts(Levi's) and a tank top. Total cost: $7.00
This was a great find! This warm and cozy hunting jacket was $2.00! It's a little big, but Blue-Raspberry but I like that, it will probably fit him for two years! He's ready to go hunting with his Daddy and brothers. He said his weapon of choice is a sling-shot!
This is just a nice Carter's light-weight (perfect for a WA winter, but more of a fall jacket here). $1.00

A nice puzzle for $1.00.
Strawberry Taffy really had a jackpot day! Here she is modeling her new winter coat. Doesn't look warm and puffy, but it has all kinds of layers of warmth and it's nice and roomy so it will fit over winter sweaters! $10.00

Yay! This is my favorite! This girl is SO HARD to find jeans for! I HATE most of the current styles anyway, but I found this brand new pair of jeans for her for .75! They are loose, flattering and so CUTE! Also that sweater and t.shirt. They were a little more than I normally spend for that type of thing, but I'm so glad I did because the color is great on her and they are "like-new" condition also. $5.00
Cute brown sweater. The faux fur collar comes off and reveals a more simple collar. .75
A Khaki Jacket, perfect to wear to the Apple Orchard! .50 ( I got so many great deals at this garage sale! EVERYTHING was cheap cheap!) Something fancy to wear! $1.00 Blue-Raspberry bought these trains with his own money! They were a nickle a piece! What a deal!
My little Clifford fan has her own little Clifford! 4 quarters! :o) That seems cheaper than $1! Strawberry bought this adorable Laura Ashley back pack with her own money. She plans on keeping her knitting in it! $3.00

Would you believe there was actually more? I found some books that have disappeared...Oh, there they are, in the hands of my daughter who has already started reading them (6 for 2.50)! I found a great Minnesota bird watching book too (.50)! We have so many birds in our back yard, I can't wait for us to learn what they are! I also bought the children a Thomas the Tank Engine video, which they were watching while I was taking pictures (.75). We found a great Little Tykes Riding toy for Laffy Taffy-the wheels make sounds--vroom! He's going to love it! He hasn't even see in yet! $2.00. I think that's about it. I told one lady at a garage sale that I don't shop in the stores any more, I just garage sale! What a blessing! I'm off to run these things through the wash before I store them away until fall!
Saw a glimmer today!
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. Thank you so much for your kind-hearted comments regarding our situation. You have NO idea how blessed I feel knowing that you are out there, lifting us up in prayer! God's people are so GOOD!


  1. Can I hire you to shop for me...I can never - I mean never find such grand items at any or garage or even goodwill (unless you are with me of course) have the nack for sure!

    I'm not kidding...I could send you x amount of dollars each month and you could just ship them to me as a surprise
    Ummmm no antlers please!


  2. The reason I by antlers is because I want them to use for lamp stands or hangers for all my hats...Come on, I could use them for callers too, they aren't all that bad. :)

    Banana Taffy


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