Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

Today was a pretty good garage sale day! I found many neat things! First picture here is a pile of books. I think the total paid for this pile was $6.75 with the major expense being that set of books bound together. There are 7 in that series, it's brand new and I'm saving it for Christmas. I was $5.00.

Here I found 3 Gap undershirts for .10 each and a really nice Old Navy Sweater for $1.00. All for Blue-Raspberry. Cute little monkey plate. .50 A stack of bandannas, we bought a hot pink one too. .25 eachBlue-Raspberry bought this dart gun set with his own money. When he saw me taking pictures he insisted I take a picture of him too, just LIKE that! $1.00
A new outfit for Strawberry! Skirt .50 & shirt .50 = $1.00 What a deal!
The longed for pair of "old-fashioned" over-alls. These ones are especially cute with playful embellishments. .50 (they aren't "high-waters" they are cropped!)
A lovely Warren Kimbal print for me! I have dishes designed by this same artist and another print I bought a goodwill a while ago. He's a folk the red! $4.00

A memory board for the little boy's room. $1.00

This is a cute folk art flag for outside. It's made of thick plastic and I love how it looks on the fence! This is in the front yard. $2.00

That's about it...oh two more things. I found myself a pair of pink cropped exercise pants. .50 and Strawberry also got another pair of cropped jeans. .50 Many of the garage sales we went to were junky, but the nice ones had good stuff at good prices!
After garage sales we met some friends at the park for lunch then came home and worked in the yard. I think we brought the PNW weather with us, it wasn't even 70 today!
Happy deal Hunting!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. You sure have been busy. Are you ready to start your book on how to organize a family on a budget yet?

    Love, Dad

  2. I enjoy these posts and seeing the deals you got. I think that they're fun and interesting posts.

  3. I would be one of the first in line to buy your how to book!

  4. Reading your blog... I need a garage sell fix! We're going to the flea market this Sunday.. does that count?


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