Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

Okay, here we go! Another great day in garage sale land! The weather was a little iffy this morning and Banana Taffy was sure there wasn't going to be any sales, but Minnesotans are die-hard so I figured there would be!

Two DVD's for my little guy. $1.00 each.
Be still my heart...ANOTHER Longerberger! This one has a cute heart pillow that fits inside. I suppose I could use it as a pin cushion, but I think it will go on my night stand. $2.00

These are just some containers I got. I like the shape of the big one, it's Tupperware even. .75 The two little ones are neat because you can freeze the lids and that colored stuff freezers making a safe place for dip and then you can put whatever in the larger portion. I'm thinking hummus and chips or fruit and yogurt or peanut butter and carrots...they only had two. .25 each
Here's a testimony to God's provision. The last thing on Strawberry Taffy's "list" for the fall/winter is/was a vest. We were looking at them at Sam's club earlier this week, almost bought one for $15.00 but decided not to and decided to see what we could find at a garage sale. Well, this morning the VERY FIRST sale we stopped at had this vest in her size, for 10% of the Sam's Club price! It was $1.50!! It's down-filled and Columbia brand, reversible! Way nicer than the one we almost bought!
Just so you know, I do not think these clothes below are an outfit! LOL! The sweater is Gymboree. $1.00 and the leggings are something else, but SO cute and only .50! These are both for Bubble Gum Taffy.When Laffy Taffy was a baby we couldn't find any black and white baby toys! So, I bought this one to stash away for another day-.50. The training pants were FREE!

Excuse my mess...I hope it's not too hard to tell what's in this picture! There are two sweatshirts there for Laffy Taffy .50 each and a Land's End Sweater-$1.00 and adorable pajamas for $1.00.
4 stripey shirts for Laffy Taffy-1 long sleeve, 3 short. .50 each!
These are so cute! When I was making jam a while back I was looking all around for fabric to make a cover for the jam to make the jam gift-worthy. We found these today, perfect size, perfect fabric. .50
This is the best thing I found today! Actually Mr. Taffy found it! I didn't' even see it until I saw him looking at it. I have wanted one of these FOREVER! This pine furniture is totally my style! I felt like we got such a great deal! $20.00 We put it in the dining room and I waxed it with my Briwax (LOVE THIS STUFF). Again, excuse my mess, we are in the middle of a project!
Here it is all loaded up. I put my Polish Pottery on top and my jam on the bottom. LOVE IT!

It was a pretty good garage saling day! When we got home we started cleaning out the garage to get ready for our garage sale!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. LOVE the cupboard! That was a good find!

  2. I have those same shirts for my Lukey that Laffy Taffy has! I enjoy these posts!

  3. Wonderful Day! And the new little hutch is so you - good find! Glad it was there waiting for you.

  4. you are teaching your childre well! What awesome finds! (by the way those free training pants are great, they are super expensive!! (as you know)).

  5. WOW! Who in their right mind would have sold that adorable hutch???? I'm glad YOU found it!


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