Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

We didn't think we were going to be able to go garage saling today...the weather forecast was screaming rain and thunderstorms. But overnight things mellowed out and we ventured out to see what we could find. It helps to take pictures afterward because we always find so much more than I think we did!

Two DVDs for my little guy. $1.00 each
Winter shirts for Blue-Raspberry Taffy. They were .25 each!

Training pants to pack away and save...each stack .50.
A winter sweater for Strawberry Taffy. .50
It was a great day for books. Most of the books were .25 each. A couple were $1.00. That little package labeled sassy was a dime and it's to stick away also. :o)
Two shirts for Banana Taffy. He really like Polo's and that blue polo is brand new! The sweatshirt underneath is super soft and will be great for the winter! $1.00 eachI'm especially drawn to Cabbage Patch kids...especially bald ones with dimples. Kind of looks like my babies don't you think? This little beauty was a dollar and Bubble Gum named him Moses. He's in the washing machine right now!

Banana insisted I share the treasure he found today! Gross! I guess it's an "actual" Florida crocodile...I think he paid $1.50.
These are pretty cool The perfect hunter outlet cover!! For the big boy's room of course. $1.00 each.
I bought this for myself...An antique Ball jar for my collection...I'll throw away the contents. .50
It's going to go up here.
Last picture, I promise! I decided that Strawberry is going to make a quilt for her 6th grade project. I found this great quilt book for dollar! The quilts are adorable. I'll pick something simple for her to start with, but she's going to do it all, from fabric choice to cutting to sewing to hand quilting. She'll do great and she's so excited! The mini-ironing board was .50 and those little red croc knock-off's were $1.00, for Laffy of course!
As I was typing this, a big storm blew through! Thunder, hail, rain...very exciting and great timing for us!

I have a recipe to share next post! I'll try to post it later today!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Nice deals, nice pictures, nice alligator. Remind me and I send you some pictures my co-workers took in Alligator Alley in the everglades.

    Love, Dad

  2. Nice job! I'm anxious to see what she chooses for her quilt fabric - can't wait to see it! Great project - I hope you detail it all and blog about it through her progress...

  3. Dear Banana Taffy,
    Your friend has one of those heads as well...gross!
    We miss you and your family sooooo much!
    Mrs. Griffin

  4. Great finds!!!

    My son had one of those croc heads we bought in Key West. I don't know what happened to it. I know what you mean...."gross". LOL

  5. It is not gross, its cool... :)
    I will take it to the science museum and trade it for a really cool rock or something...might be interesting...Mrs. Griffin, I didn't know he had one, big or small? That's cool! I miss your family too...


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