Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homeschool Challenge

I had a little problem. Since changing the venue of my older children's homeschool curriculum I found myself with all these books. Now I love books normally, but these books are totally confusing me. Not because the content is confusing, but there are just so many of them and I haven't been sure how to keep track of them all. I'm only using two subject from this Abeka company-language arts and history. There are more teacher books than student books! These two piles of books are for Strawberry Taffy, her science and art are in there but they don't have teacher books. A lot of books right?
First I thought I might use something like this to organize the teacher books. But Walmart didn't have any of these and then I got to thinking they aren't actually big enough and some of those books are kind of floppy...So I bought these instead. I found these at Walmart today. They were in their special College section. 4 colors, one for each of the 4 older children.

After I put all the teacher books in the purple basket, her pile was much more manageable! These books will go on her desk when we start the next school year.
This is where I ended up putting them.

We'll see how this works when school actually's at least nice to have the student books and teacher books separated, it will be much easier to plan their lessons.

Organizer Extraordinaire,

Mrs. Taffy


  1. Knew you, of all people, could organize it...organize anything for that matter...I love love love your gift of's comforting to be around!
    Hugs to you...maybe I should give you another about a "box"...teee-heee

  2. One more thing...could you blog about why you do Latin? What is the difference between Latin and an regular language arts program? Do you always do Latin...meaning from grade 1 on? I've been looking at Memoria Press Latin and just am a bit hesitant...
    Hugs Again...

  3. My 11 yr old is doing Abeka this year also.

    You ARE organized. Thanks for the pics because it gives me ideas as to what to do with my school room. It's a work in progress at my house.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Chris in FL

  4. I've said it before but I'll say it again ... I LOVE how organized you are! Love it, love it, love it! I also wish that we lived closer to one another because I'd sure love your wisdom and guidance in this homeschooling journey. I get a lot of ideas from you, though, through your posts.

    I have all those same puzzles you have too! Love them!

  5. Ah...Tirzah...I've totally missed you! Thanks for stopping by today! You are so sweet to me! I know we would be the closest of friends if we were around each other in real life! If you have any specific thing you want me to blog about regarding homeschooling let me know...I don't always know what to write about but I have many opinions! love and hugs to you!


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