Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lake Day

Today we went to the beach! It was a beautiful day! The beach wasn't too crowded and it was nice and warm. In this picture here, Laffy Taffy was so proud of himself because he actually got water to squirt out of that gun! It was so cute watching his eyes scrunch up as he was squeezing the trigger!
Reload...just kidding. He's probably wondering what happened to the water!
These pictures of Bubble Gum aren't very focused, but you can see how delighted and happy she is. She is a FISH! She loves being in the water and has NO fear!

After the beach I got to introduce my friend to the wonders of Trader Joe's. Ahhh...I really like Trader Joe's! Then we headed home. While the children crashed on the couch with a movie Mr. Taffy and I went to the local farmer's market. We were only gone for 30 minutes, that's how close and how little it is! Still, we came home with all kinds of treats: kohlrabi, beets, sugar snap peas and pea pods, honey sticks and flowers. It's been a long time since I've had flowers on my table!
I'm beat tonight, still have baths and laundry to tackle. Tomorrow we are back to the books. I don't think I mentioned it, but I got the test results back from our testing week. My children did just great! I was so impressed and so proud of them! It's such a boost to my ego when their test scores come back. I always feel so lacking and that our crazy impromptu lifestyle makes is hard to learn. But apparently it's working for my children and they are actually learning quite a bit more than they or I thought! I can remember the first year that Chocolate Taffy took his state mandated test. He was only 7. He could read, but really how well can a child that age take a test like that. At that time I was part of a group that did the testing and then the mom's corrected the tests themselves. For his grade a test moderator read the answers orally while the mom's corrected the test. I remember going through section after section and not marking any wrong. It was so hard not to beam with pride! He did so well! I never knew and it came as a total shock to me--he was actually listening all that time! Anyway, just goes to show that living this submitted surrendered life really does benefit the children too and it appears God covers our short-comings with His grace and blesses us in spite of ourselves.
Looking for a glimmer,
Mrs. Taffy
P.S. Please, if you will indulge me...Would you kindly say a prayer for my husband? He has submitted two resumes today that he is absolutley perfectly qualified for. Please ask the Lord on our behalf to bless my husband with a job. We are getting desperate. Thank you!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Made me smile!!!

    Of course your children do well on their testing! You have never had them in public school so you don't know what its like (really!).

    To your PS - absolutely!


  2. Mrs. Taffy,

    Yes, we have and are praying for Mike's job.

    Father in heaven, you are our provider. Mr. Taffy has a beautiful family that you have charged him with care and provision. He has planted the seeds (applications), You Oh Lord, provide the harvest. We thank You Father that You have chosen to wait to the very last minute to answer their prayers and meet this need to prove the Taffy family faith and trust in you.

    We know these trials are common among families around the world so we humble our selves and pray not only for the Taffy family but for all the families that find themselves in trouble due to the economy and due to no fault of their own. Bless all these families and restore what has been stolen from them.

    In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  3. Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad! I love you both!

  4. We've been praying for you guys!!!! The Lord knows just the plan for your family! Would be great if Big Daddy got one of these jobs he's applying for :)

    Be Blessed!

  5. Whenever you say you went to the "beach", I am picturing Florida beaches. Then I remember your beaches are a bit different than the Atlantic. LOL I live 1.5 hours from the beach and it's been I don't know, about a year since we've gone. You would think I would go every weekend. Nope, it is so hard getting out sometimes.

    Your little guys are adorable.

    I know what you mean about homeschooling...it surprises me as well how much the children know. I barely did much this past year being pregnant and they still did great at evaluations.

    Yes, Mrs. Taffy...I pray that your husband will get the right job for your family. A job that is not taxing on any part. I pray that the job he gets will meet all your needs, plus more. In Jesus name....amen.


    chris from FL

  6. Awesome pictures! We love the farmers market too... you can introduce me to trader Joes if you want to!
    Absolutely praying for your husband and the rest of you too.

  7. Of course we will continue to pray about your situation. The Lord knows best and has not forgotten you.
    Loved the pictures and glad you are finding "glimmers" to enjoy.
    Hugs to all,


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