Thursday, July 23, 2009

Putting in a new floor

Thanks to the family that was renting our house during the previous year, we get to replace the old flooring. Sadly they ruined the old flooring, only in the kitchen but because the whole main floor is the same stuff our renter's insurance policy covered the WHOLE main floor. Now to be totally honest, I'm not at all sad that they ruined the old floor. I couldn't STAND it. I'm so anal about floors and I just couldn't keep the old stuff clean! Supposedly you can't wash Pergo so I can't figure out why you would ever WANT that kind of floor (no offense if you like the stuff). So instead I choose a nice dignified vinyl. I can just hear the gasps! Okay, so the main argument against vinyl is house value...what a joke! That does not apply in this situation. We could cover the floor in gold and still not be able to sell it for what we bought it that argument aside, vinyl makes sense to me because I can WASH it! People can wear shoes on it, furniture doesn't scratch it and if you spill water on it, SO WHAT!

Here's our main dining room, Pergo-Free! Lovely sub floors. It felt so good to vacuum up all the years of dirt and pine needles we found under there! Chocolate Taffy removing the quarter-round molding. He did a great job!
Here's the floor starting to take shape. This vinyl is a little different than our grandmother's vinyl. This floor is totally floating, the vinyl sticks only to itself, not the floor. There is no glue involved and it's laid in strips, not sheets or squares. Not too bad right?

Here's a silly picture of Blue-Raspberry, he had to plug in the oven and got a little trapped back there! Here's a good shot of what the floor looks like with the existing woodwork. I wallpapered that wall yesterday, it is such a huge improvement! I still have plans to paint that wall going up the stairs, probably after our garage sale!

I totally love the floor. I love the texture. I love how it isn't sticky. I love that there aren't pieces missing. I love how it makes things look cozier and I especially LOVE how easy it is to clean! ( I just got done mopping it tonight!) We still have the sun room to do, should be done before the weekend is over!

Mrs. Taffy


  1. I think it look very classy! You guys are always working so hard!

  2. I guess I didn't realize you were doing such a HUGE project...I didn't realize you didn't like pergo...I do like the new cozier look!
    Pergo is nice looking and you do have to use a special cleaner...and you also have to be soooooooooooooooooooo careful! So yes you are right Pergo is NOT for a house that needs to be lived just looks pretty in pictures...but so does your new flooring!

  3. Where we lived previously I washed the pergo floors with white vinigar and water... they cleaned up nice and I don't think I ruined them??? : )
    I love your floor. I have the "old grama" vinyl in my kitchen and hall. It is in such disrepair I wish we had renters to blame it on!! No, but seriously next summer we will be replacing it (my husband, my floor cleaner cleans it and it still looks dirty from all the ware marks, it drives him crazy!).
    Thanks for sharing your project (and your love on my blog). Praying for you!!
    Happy day.

  4. That doesn't look like vinyl at all! I love the color. You are so great at visualizing the final outcome! Beautiful!

  5. It's BEAUTIFUL!! I love how warm and cozy it makes those rooms feel. You have such a gift for making any space warm and inviting! The guys did a GREAT job!! Very impressive!!

  6. Wow....that's vinyl?! It looks just like wood. Amazing. I am with you about having clean floor. Whatever works best for the fam!!!


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