Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reading Reward

One day, a few days back, possibly last week or maybe even the week before...we took Blue-Raspberry Taffy out for his reading reward! With each of our children when they have finished the Teach Your Child to Read in a 100 Easy Lessons book we have made a big deal out of it and taken them out for ice cream. Well, Blue-Raspberry reminded us the other day that he has not received his ice cream reward though in fact he completed that book months ago! Shame on us!! We fulfilled our duty immediately! With Banana at home watching the 4 younger and Laffy Taffy coming along for some french fries (his favorite!), we went to Culver's. We gave Blue-Raspberry the choice of McGag-o-rama, Dairy Queen, Costco or Culver's. He chose Culver's. Yum Yum! He chose a concrete shake with twix and kit kats mixed in!

It was gone much too quickly! But he sure loved it and he was so HAPPY with the attention!
Like I mentioned, Laffy Taffy was there too. I just had to include this picture because this is so typical of him now...when he sees the camera, he scrunches up eyes to "smile" at me! Silly!

Listening to Thunder,

Mrs. Taffy

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