Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something special

Here's a few pictures from our ordinary day....a few special things happened though! This is just a sweet picture of my little guy, every day with him is special and his little face and big ol' hands always make me smile. I made jam today. Taking inventory of what's left from last year...The darker colored jams are from last year, the bright ones from today. I made 7 and a half jars today, with more to make tomorrow!
My crafty creative daughters made this sign to cheer us up! Totally special!
This is the best part of the day. My dad stopped by! He lives in Florida normally but was in town for some other business and spent a little time with us this afternoon. Here are my men, having a deep biblical discussion! LOVE THAT!

Another shot of them discussing. My dad has so much biblical knowledge and he really enjoyed talking and sharing and encourging my young men.

Our strawberry shortcake was sort of a bummer. The whip cream can was defective and we couldn't get any whip cream to come out of it! Still, Banana Taffy made the most of the moment!

We ended the day with baths. I get such a contented and happy feeling tucking my little ones in, smelling all clean with full belly's. There's just something so satisfying about seeing them with their heads on their pillows, snuggled up with their blankets and stuffed animals. I don't tuck in my big boys, but still putting my little ones to bed in my mind is pretty special.
Thankful for the little things,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. What a fun time! And your Dad!!!! That's great!
    I LOVE that room,, the wood walls and pretty curtains!
    Glad you had a good 4th even though it wasn't the norm for you guys~
    OH I love a fun day and end with a bath~~what is it about tucking clean little ones into bed???
    God Bless!

  2. How great to have your dad impart into to the grandkids lives. My husband and I are basically first generation "saved".

    Ok, so you're dad can relate to the hot Florida summers. We're live in the North-Central Florida area. I know it can get even more humid down in South Florida.

    And yes, love the smell of clean little ones and all tucked away for night night makes it even better. LOL

    Chris in FL

  3. A wonderful day! Your day was filled with more special things than most people...because you know what is truly special!

    Love you dearly,

  4. It was a great visit with the Taffy family! The boys are asking great questions. It is fun to try to answer them and challenge them with even more questions.

    Love, Dad/Papa


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