Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday Blessings

Fun Birthday for me! Started out on Monday with a surprise party at the beach with our friends and family. Continued Wednesday when I got a birthday card in the mail from my mom that included a picture of a piece of Polish Pottery that she is bringing me personally later this month! Thanks mom!! It's beautiful! Yesterday Strawberry Taffy made me a delicious, from scratch, chocolate-chocolate cake! It was so yummy! And she was so sweet to not cover the cake in sprinkles. Sprinkles are pretty, but I don't really like the crunch on my soft cake! Here I am with my young ones. Thanks Chocolate Taffy for the great picture!
Isn't it pretty? She did such a good job and everybody LOVED it!

A few little gifts from the children. Strawberry bought me a light blue teapot from a thrift store (she paid a dollar for it-I'm so proud of her!). Mr. Taffy tricked me into thinking he bought me a shot-gun for my birthday. Stinker! Normally I'm pretty hard to surprise, but he did it this time and I have to admit that I was getting a little agitated...a gun is so unromantic!! But thankfully the gun case was just a trick and inside were more "heart-filling" gifts! Like a new bible cover, a coffee card and some earrings! Phew! A gun...I still roll my eyes when I think about it!! LOL

Mr. Taffy took me out to breakfast this morning. Banana Taffy babysat for us, his gift to me. It was fun to go out and we even went to a few garage sales! (yesterday was a garage sale wash out by the way) After our little date, we ran some errands, with the children and Mr. Taffy took me to Macy's to buy some make-up. I buy make-up once a year, on my birthday, thanks to my mom and my grandma! :o)
The celebrating will continue through tomorrow as we go out to dinner with some friends and then to a HEMI meeting. It's been a great birthday! My family is so sweet to me!
Next week won't be nearly as exciting...I have to plan the beginning of our homeschool! It will probably take the whole week too! It's one of those things that I'm excited to do, but also dreading it. There will be so many interruptions!
Wishing there was a piece of leftover cake,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That looked like a lovely celebration! I am so impressed with the cake Strawberry made! What a lovely family you have! Enjoy every moment!


  2. That cake looks so good. My favorite type of cake is chocolate on chocolate...mmmm. I am so glad you were very blessed by your family. Sounds like you had a fun filled filled birthDAY!! Yeah, the gun would not have been such a romantic gift. Makeup is much better. My hubby took me out to Macy's for my birthday last year and bought me some makeup. Oh and you are my kind of cards!!! Yipee!! Can't do without that.

    Praying you have a great start with schooling!! i know the feeling. :)


  3. Uh mom.. it was two dollars for the tea pot. $1.91
    Love ya!

  4. Happy Birthday! I have to tell you that I have been reading your blog site for quite some time in hopes of getting to know you and your family better. Wow, I am so impressed with all that you do, with your family, house, cooking, painting, teaching, and everything else! You have the energy of 100 people!!!!!!!!

    You have a very nice family and home to be proud of!

    Good job!!

    Aunt Sharon Felton

  5. Ah...Aunt Sharon! So glad you left a comment! Thank you for reading our blog and being interested in our life! Please keep reading and leave as many comments as you want! Are you on Facebook?

  6. Happy Birthday to you. I'm so glad you had a delightful birthday...
    Hugs to you!

  7. Strawberry Taffy...
    You are growing into such a lovely young lady! Good job on the special cake.
    Hugs to you...Jireh says "hi, and she misses you."


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