Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Counting Down

Our garage sale is the day after tomorrow. My garage is a disaster, but it's not stressing me out...too much. There's nothing I can do about it but wait until tomorrow when we start setting up. So, today I did some cooking/baking to get ready for our busy week. Here's what I made:
4 Farmer Casserole's-1 is for tomorrow morning. The other three are going in the freezer. Cookies! Chocolate Chip with oatmeal powder-makes them totally chewy and delicious! I froze some baked like this and I froze some raw also. We also ate some after lunch today! :o)
6 loaves of bread. I'm calling this my recession bread. Actually I told Strawberry it's depression bread, she just lit up! She's studied a lot about the depression so she was pretty amused. Anyway, what I did was take my normal bread recipe and divide it up between 6 loaf pans instead of 4. Normally I make 4 huge loaves, but this time I made 6 medium size loaves! They still are nice and big and will fit nicer in the bread bags!

This was the last thing I made and I can't take full credit because Strawberry did all the Can Opening, probably 24 cans of beans and tomato sauce! This thing says it's holds 22 quarts, it's more than half full of chili! My children love chili! This will likely be our dinner for a couple night during the sale!

I still want to make some pumpkin bread for breakfast or snacks, hard-boil some eggs and mix up a bunch of tuna. I think I may run out and get some Popsicles or juice boxes too, for a treat to keep in the garage fridge. I'm selling two front loader washer and dryer sets. Pray they sell, I have a long list of things I "need."
Counting down,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I think I'd like to come just for the food alone...you might have people asking to purchase a cookie or two...and if they smell the chili they might ask for some of that also...sounds so wonderful! Yummie!

  2. I cannot imagine how you find the time to do all that cooking! You are amazing! You could be running a corporation (probably while raising your children and keeping your home at the same time!). You are a fabulous example to us all!!!

  3. I just wish I could be there to buy one of those sets of washer and dryers! What a deal to find a garage sale! Food looks num yummy too.

  4. Good job cooking most of your meals ahead of time. That will allow you almost totally focus (well almost) on the garage sale. Don't be surprised if most of the good stuff gets sold the first day! Be sure to take some pictures before, during and after, or delegate that to one of the younger Taffys.

    Love, Dad

  5. Wow! Those cans were ANNOYING!!!
    My wrist hurt afterwards. And I got very sticky from draining them out.


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