Thursday, August 6, 2009

A different Garage Sale Day

Today was day one of our garage sale. I think things went pretty smoothly. I got up at 5:00, got dressed, folded the last load of laundry (left over from yesterday), brought up all the laundry baskets, talked to my sister-in-law on MSN messenger, made coffee, made muffins, got through breakfast, morning chores, Laffy's morning poopy diaper and Bubble Gum's hair curly's all by 8:00. The one snafu we had was that we couldn't find our change...we went to the bank and got 170 worth of small bills. They are gone. Have no idea what happened to them. So weird! So Mr. Taffy had to run out and get some more change this morning. Then he and Banana went out and put up signs while Chocolate and I set up the sale. Officially we weren't open until 9, but we put an ad on Craig's List and there were many many early birds! Here's what the garage looked like from the "back door" perspective. Here's the garage from the driveway perspective. This BEFORE we pulled all the tables and stuff out and this is actually only our double garage, there was a full third bay as well.
Here's everything all set up, with customers walking around and everything. If you look closely, you can see me sitting at the "check out" table talking to Bubble Gum. Speaking of Bubble Gum, this girl has an amazing gift. She LOVES everybody. Everyone who came into our driveway was greeted by her, hugged by her, complimented by her, hugged again and then given a picture she drew. This child made $5.00 just from those pictures and all those kind-hearted grandparent's who were enraptured by her charm. I had to give her a rather stern talking too though because she has NO discernment and was hugging some "strange" men that I thought was inappropriate. And she started "asking" for money for the pictures. She stopped that foolishness and went back to being her delightful self! Phew, she has a lot of LOVE to give!

Here's strawberry eating her lunch at her table. She's selling hand-made cards, jewelry, lip balm and suckers. Business was slow in the morning, but she sold a lot of suckers come afternoon!
Here's her sign and prices. She didn't sell any lip balm or note cards...maybe tomorrow...This isn't a great wasn't taken by me and I know my camera battery was running low, still you can see my little cuties, having lunch on the front porch.
It was a good day. I think we sold more than half our stuff! We also sold one set of washer and dryer's, we think we have another buyer for the second set coming out on Saturday. Chocolate Taffy sold some fancy Lego things for big bucks too. There are a ton of sales in our neighborhood this week so that helps our cause!
Until tomorrow!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Fun to see how your garage sale is going. It would have been fun to see Bubble Gum in action! I hope you have lots of success (especially Strawberry!) tomorrow.

  2. Things look so tidy and organized!!! Just the kind of garage sale I'd love to stop at :)
    So glad you sold so much!!!! But HUGE BUMMER you can't find that $$$,,,that IS weird!

    Any word on that job prospect???

  3. Very nice! Glad to hear about the washer/dryer! (hey, when garage sale is finally over, will you please, PLEASE, please give me the farmer casserole (or give me a hint on where to find it) recipe. Thank you! Happy day.

  4. Looks like you had lots of stuff to sell. Your little girl is so cute. She looks like she is a hugger and has a sweet personality. It must be the curls ;) I'm hoping my baby girl will have curls. I've prayed about it so we'll see. She has little hair right now.

    I hope you found that 170 of change money.

    Hope you sold lots of stuff and your older girl also. If we lived closer I know my 11yr old and yours would be great friends. They seem alot alike.

    Take care

  5. Anna! I hope you are linked to this comment box! Here's the link to my old blog and the recipe to the Farmer Casserole:

    There's a few other recipes in that same post that you might like too. :o) Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm painting my entire house! Well, not exactly, but almost all of it!

    I pray you and that little baby are doing great!



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