Monday, August 17, 2009

End of summer party!

So I know that summer isn't really over, but it's getting close and we decided to seize the moment and finish up our summer get-togethers. It was a GORGEOUS day! We had so much fun! We grilled this time and had hot dogs, brats and corn on the cob! Our close friends were there with us and the children had a great time!

My sister-in-law surprised me by bringing balloons and a chocolate cake! Totally unexpected and really fun! My birthday isn't until later this week, and honestly, I'm so disconnected with time that it really could have been today and I wouldn't have known it! But I've been told my actual birthday is Friday! I believe them! Anyway, it was so fun to be surprised and there were lovely cards from my nieces and lovely smelling lotions and lovely sounding wind chimes and cold hugs from adorable wet children and chocolate on my leg that Bubble Gum decided was worth was a great day! And to top it off we sold our final washer and dryer set! CASH IN POCKET!
Thanks Lord for a great day!
Two great days in a row...I hope I'm not bored tomorrow! lol


  1. That is a beautiful photo of you! What a great day. Thanks for sharing!

    hugs and kisses

  2. Happy Birthday! We had a lovely day playing at the lake today too! I don't want summer to be over. WAAAA! :) Lori~


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