Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

I'm so ashamed of myself! I let myself put everything in the wash before I took pictures! I am so sorry! But I can TELL you what I got, it was a great garage sale day!

When we got in the suburban this morning to head out, I told the Lord that what I really needed to find today was: a stroller and clothes for my big boys. My little ones ruined my single stroller during my garage sale, they were having so much fun pushing each other around, but they broke it. I bought it at Goodwill so I wasn't too upset about it. :o)

Well, here's testimony of God' provision once again. First garage sale I found a great stroller for $5!! It's much nicer than the one that got ruined too! I also found an adorable pink outfit for Strawberry at that first garage sale.

The second testimony to God's provision is a garage sale that I walked away from spending a whopping $15.00, getting 4 bags of clothes for my big boys!! One new pair of jeans would have cost more than I spent! In that booty was also 3 pair of jeans for Strawberry and two pair of shoes for Bubble Gum. I think I found about 8 shirts total for my boys! I also found birthday streamers at this garage sale for .10 each!

The last sale I went too was a great one also. She was selling all her quart size canning jars for .25 each. So I bought about $9.00 worth which is how much one case of 8 or 12 (can't remember) new jars cost at Walmart!! I also bought a brand new pair of knitting needles for Strawberry ($1) and a brand new stencil brush ($1) and two metal (perfect condition) child size school desks for Bubble Gum and Blue-Raspberry. $5.00 each. I'm getting them really excited for starting school back up!

I didn't buy any toys today. One other thing I found, which is kind of weird to buy at a garage sale, was 3 giant packages of Styrofoam cups. This guy had a hug box full of them and each package was .25, so we bought 3. Never know when you might need some disposable cups!

That's about it. It really started getting hot by 11 and I was feeling pretty happy about what we found, probably thankful is a better word!

Tomorrow I'm taking the children to the beach because they've been a little bored stuck here at home with me painting...

Happy summer days,
Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Isn't God Good. He always knows what we need and gives it for us. Even greater than what we had!!


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