Thursday, August 27, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

We are back into the swing of things here...garage saling on Thursday! Today is the opening day of the MN State Fair and I just wasn't sure there would be many. There were many, but many were over-priced or junkie. But I did find a few treasures too!

Here's Strawberry modeling her new "church worthy" outfit. Gray slacks-.50, Gray sweater-.25, light blue polo-$2.00. I felt good paying too much for the polo since the rest of the outfit was so cheap. The slacks and sweater were at the same garage sale, the polo a different one. All pieces are in "like-new" condition!

I like the color of the polo under this sweater, but not the style. What would you put under this sweater? The sweater was a whopping $3.00, but it's so nice I will save it for our family portraits.
I just put everything in one picture today, I don't have a long time to blog. I'll try to explain what I have here: Tall Christmas Candle holders-$2.00 for the pair. Star plaque-.50. Avon body spray and lotion-brand new, still sealed! $1.00 each (blackberry vanilla-YUM). A bag of
finger puppets-$2.00 I'm saving them for stocking stuffers for my two littlest. A little people guy in a car-.25 also a stocking stuffer. A much wanted curling iron-$1.00. For Bubble Gum-tights-.50, pajamas-1.00 and a black sweater (to grow into) $1.00. For Laffy Taffy- a pair of size 3T Levi's-$1.00. Note cards-.25, Make-up applicators-.25, Scrapbook Stickers-$1.00 and Handprint Craft Book-$2.00. There's also a few things not shown that I am saving for Christmas or birthday gifts and since those recipients might read my blog I'm not including them here! LOL!
On another note, I've since made another batch of Salsa, making it three total. Tried my hand at making applesauce-it was delicious and juiced tomatoes to make my own pizza sauce. Also this week I have been busy planning the first quarter of our new homeschool year. Mr. Taffy was so sweet to take the children fishing on Monday so I could have a few hours of undisturbed planning time. Of course it wasn't enough but it gave me a good start so that I feel I can get the rest done with the constant interruptions!
On a spiritual note, I just have to share how overwhelmed I am with God's mercy towards me and my family. He has made a name for himself providing for us when we have been unable to provide for ourselves. (I'm not talking about public assistance either-we are not on unemployment.) This week I have been so aware of God's incredible love for me. His desire that I trust him completely and JOYFULLY and His blessings when I do so! I wish there was a way to adequately explain what I'm feeling and to be able to share it with you so you can share in the joy and feel His love the same way! Hopefully you do! It's likely from all your prayers that God has made himself so real to me this week, I am so incredibly thankful and humbled!
Basking in HIS love,
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Great finds!!

    I know what you mean about God's love. He is so WONDERFUL!! HE LOVES US SO can't even put it in words. He is SOOOO GOOD!! His Will for all His children is more than we can even imagine. He wants the best for us all. In every area of our, healings, to walk in His power, and to constantly bring Glory to His name. Makes you want to go out and share the Gospel doesn't it?


  2. HI Jamie! No job offer! Just a giantic dose of HOPE!

    Hi Chris!! YES! It does make me want to go out and share the gospel! AWESOME!

  3. Dear Carissa, I think Strawberry should wear a turtleneck under that cute brown sweater, one the color of the polo or pink would be nice. Lots of Love, Auntie Claudia.

  4. Ooh! Great idea Auntie Claudia!
    I like it!
    You should be a fashion designer!


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