Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's a new day

Okay, life is back to normal! Thank you all for your kind, encouraging words. I was afraid to read my email this morning...but I was so glad that I did because it was full of LOVE! So thank you!

I didn't actually start feeling really better until Saturday evening. I wasn't AS down Saturday, we actually had a really fun day, but I hadn't totally let go of the things that were making me upset. I can take a deep breath now and say "I'M FREE!" And you know what today was an exceptionally wonderful day and we got to do something today completely IMPOSSIBLE for our family of 8. We had the honor and privilege of hanging out with a team of ministers at a local water park. They invited us, paid for us, fed us and loved us! Completely unexpected! Can I just tell you how much fun my teens had? They've never been to anything like this before and it was such a blessing to them! Even our little ones had a great time. Laffy Taffy squealed with delight sitting on his Daddy's lap going down the slides! We are exhausted!

Tomorrow is another full day and hopefully I'll have pictures to share...but I wanted you to know that I am well. That God is good. That joy does come in the morning, even if it's really late in the day. That I love each one of you, even the ones I've never met in real life!

Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Yes, God is Good!!!

    Wow, what an awesome blessing for you guys. i bet the kids had so much fun. AWESOME!!!


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