Monday, August 31, 2009

MN State Fair

As with most things in our life, we got to do something "unexpected." To clarify, we expected to go to the MN state fair and the kids even sold stuff at our garage sale to buy treats at the fair, we just didn't expect to go yesterday! This was one of those times where we felt lead to except an invitation and build some bonds of friendship with some people we don't know very well. I know we had many people who wanted to go with us to the state fair this year and I'm really sorry it didn't work out. I hope you'll except my apologies and trust it was for a good reason! :o) In all honesty though, the fair was SO CROWDED! 189,00 people were at the fair yesterday! It was HARD to walk around in a big group, but it was fun and the weather was perfect and the food was abundant. I'm going to a couple posts on this because I took so many pictures and I need my WA friends to see all the strange food you can get at the fair here! It's really unbelievable!

This big stinker won the Biggest Pig Contest!

Beware!! Food pictures follow!
Hawaiian Ice
Chocolate dipped cheesecake...ON A STICK. It's a Minnesota thing.Cheese Curds...another Minnesota Tradition! YUM! Marshmallows, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in rice crispies...ON A STICK!

We ate a lot more food too! Some of the strange things offered were Turkey Legs, Deep Fried Candy Bars (on a stick), Waffles (on a stick), deep fried pickles (yup, on a stick-see the theme?) Famous Dave's was offering Bacon dipped in Chocolate-NASTY! Mini donuts (we ate plenty of those!) andfrench fries. There were actually two big buildings full of all wonder and manner of food, on a stick, but we never got inside. One year we tried Spaghetti and Meatball-on a stick!

Rides! Not too many this year, because you know why, but a couple anyway!

I can't believe I don't have a picture of Blue-Raspberry on a ride there. Like I said, I have a TON of pictures. I'll probably put most of them on FaceBook if you are interested in seeing!
It was a great, tiring day! Everyone was asleep by 7:00! Well, except Mr. Taffy and I! This is our last week of summer! My mom and her husband are coming in to town tomorrow and we are so excited to see them. I've been baking all morning we are running some errands later today to get a few things for our meals!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Wow how fun!! Sounds like you guys did a lot of eating LOL!! All that junk food looked REALLY GOOOOD.

    The kids look so happy. How fun!! BTW...Moriah started a blog since Strawberry started hers. She is enjoying having a pen pal.

    Enjoy your Mom and her is always nice to see family again. :)


  2. What a great time at the fair. 189,000 people in a few square blocks. Amazing. Sound like the food was great, lots of chololate stuff!

    Love, Dad

  3. NOT a good post to read while hungry, as there is not a fair within thousands of miles. Looks like you had a great time! I keep hearing that is one fair worth attending.


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