Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pancakes and Painting

First off I have to share my cool way to make pancakes. My old griddle lost all of it's nonstick and I've been looking and trying many different griddles...none worked the way I wanted it too! So my husband found these cool griddles at Walmart, they fit right over my burners on my stove and I can make so many pancakes at once! I love them and highly recommend them if you are in the market for such a thing. They wash up real nice too! But what's really been keeping me busy this week is painting! When we moved out of this house we had the whole house painted a boring neutral color...easy for renters. Since we've moved back in the color or lack of it, has been driving me up the wall! :o) So with some money left over on a Lowe's gift card I bought some paint! Here's what I did...

See here, my famous wall, I promised I would have it painted before the summer was over and here it is! The color goes all the way up to the bedrooms.
The front door/entry way. The wall color behind the door is called Molasses. I LOVE it! The door color is Denim. I also painted the front side of the door the same color.

The dining room. Denim and Molasses. I love the blue against the woodwork. The inside of the pop out there is the same as the stairway color.
The kitchen. Half Denim, half red. I'm sure the red has a catchy color name, but I can't remember what it is. It was so hard to get to the peak of the vault! I did it though, with the help of my strapping young sons who offered moral support and ladder support too!
This is the eat-in portion of the kitchen. Mostly red. See how you can see the denim furniture from this view? When you walk in the house your eyes see the blue in the dining room first and then the blue in the sun room, it's very pretty. That's my new wal-mart table that I bought with my garage sale proceeds. I love it!
The family room! I've got one red wall here, it's attached to the kitchen...and the back wall is that light color. The other wall that you can't see is waiting for wallpaper. The wallpaper I'm putting on there is light in color, like the back wall, with stars in all the colors I've used. I haven't hung anything back up in here yet, the wall were still tacky when I took the picture.
I have some adorable Americana borders to put up once all the paint cures. The colors are helping me to breath easier...I'm such a visual person! The children just love the change. Even my Chocolate Taffy, who isn't easily impressed, can't stop telling me how much he likes the change.
Mr. Taffy took apart the little bathroom this week too. Trying to get rid of a mold problem before it takes over! Pulling the shower out we were a little afraid, but the moldy area was very small and easily fixed, we are so happy about that. We have more of that vinyl wood floor that we are going to put in the bathroom and back hallway. I also have the paint and plans to paint that back hallway and the hall going down to the basement. I'm out of steam for the week...
Tomorrow I'm going garage looking for my garage sale post! It's going to be a hot one tomorrow so hopefully we find some good stuff early!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. Very nice paint job and color choices. I love it!
    I love those griddles too, my mom used to use them, I don't know if they make them better know a days but she used to get uneven heat going and warp them... yikes! Someday when I have a stove that all of the burners work I think this idea would work well for our growing family too! How did your garage sale end up? Did you get the other w/d set sold?
    Happy day!

  2. WOW! Its beautiful. I'm always so afraid to use colors on the wall. You must be able to visualize how it looks before you start.

  3. Hi Anna! Thanks for the griddle warning! I hope they hold up! I'll take them back to walmart if they don't!! :o)

    Our garage sale was pretty good. I really only got to sell for one day, it stormed for the other two. I sold most of the good stuff though, the stuff that was good enough, I took to a consignment and made another $25! The rest I took to Goodwill.

    We are waiting for somebody to come over and buy the second set right this very second!! Thank YOU LORD!! whoohoo! I suppose I shouldn't get to excited until we actually have the cash though, right? :o)

    Time to put the babies to bed!

  4. Love the paint job!! Your house looks very warm and inviting.

    I also love the griddles. I need to get some. I was cooking pancakes the other day on my little griddle I have and I was thinking about you saying on my post comments that you had two big griddles. I was wondering how big they were and what they looked like....thanks for posting the pictures. This is exactly what I need to make more than just a few pancakes at a time.

  5. Do you remember the brand on those griddles? My husband makes the pancakes for us on the weekends, and he misses having a griddle. Two that go on our stove would make his day!

  6. Ranee...hmmmm...All I know is that they were the only griddles like this that Walmart had. They have been such a blessing and I haven't had any trouble with warping. I let them cool completely on the stove before I wash them. I have a inkling that doing that will help them keep their shape...not totally sure though! :o)


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