Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Around my house

It's only Tuesday but my camera has already been out a lot this week. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of what has been going on at our house the past two days.

These first pictures are from yesterday. We actually woke up to a very cool morning and EVERYONE instantly thought "FIRE!" It was wonderful! And to enjoy the dry warmth from the wood stove we did our Balancing the Sword time in the sunroom.
I think the reason I was up, and not sitting next too Mr. Taffy, was probably an offensive Poopy Diaper...
Yesterday we said goodbye to an old friend: My Dyson. It has served us faithfully for 5 years, been repaired (through warranty) many times, but yesterday it vacuumed it's last...

Since we can't afford a $400 vaccum anymore, we bought this gorgeous candy-apple red beauty! Paid for with a gift card, and boy does it have good suction! Blue-Raspberry vaccuumed the entire house yesterday and woke up asking me if he could do it again today! Apparently he inherited my vaccuum fetish. He loves it because it's shorter than the dyson, so it's easier for him to use. I love it because the pole works! Watch out you nasty spiders!
This is a little area in my house that I just put the finishing touches on this morning. I call it my antique toy display. It's really a plant shelf at the top our stairs. Most everything you see there came from a garage sale, except the quilt, that I made years ago, the chair (IKEA) and the sock monkey (thanks Grandma!).
Here's a picture of what you can't see unless you are at the top of the stairs. My grandma made both the sock monkey and the funny looking doll on top of the books. I found the Holly Hobby dolls at Goodwill a long time ago. My mom gave me those old Bobbsey Twins Books.
The shelf is from a garage sale.
LUNCH TIME! Today was good 'ole Top Ramen (yuck-o-rama) and apples, cukes and grapes.
You can sort of see Laffy's high chair peaking behind Banana Taffy there. Once they figured out I was taking pictures of them, they decided to look like they were in throws of a heated debate! Funny boys!

I've been doing some clothes sorthing as well, moving out the shorts, moving in the jeans and sweat shirts. Banana only has one of pair of jeans...We are trying to fix that problem though! Today we schooled, changed my sheets, made bread, did laundry, did some tot school, did some decorating. I think I will make Apple Oatmeal Bars for dessert. Have no idea what I'm making for dinner yet...working on that problem too!
Hope you are having a wonderful day in your home; keeping watch and serving your family with gusto and joy!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. I really enjoyed that little peek-a-boo view of your day. Very nice. I love the decorative display of old toys and books. Very homey and sweet. I am missing our two sock monkies - I think they got packed away for some unknown reason. I want them back now! My mom made one and one I found in Goodwill!!!

    Love you all.

  2. Ok. Your house is sooo country cute. Love it! Thank you again, for sharing your family fun.

  3. I need a new vac. I have duct tape holding mine together :0 ha ha

  4. Wish I could come for a visit...your home is always so inviting and warm...
    Miss you bunches...


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