Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Harvest Orchard

We just had the BEST day! Wow! Originally this event was scheduled for tomorrow, being the first day of fall and all, but you know, plans have a way of changing and we went today instead! It was perfect! For a little while we were a little worried about rain, but it cleared up and ended up being just right!

When we lived in MN before, we would go to this orchard annually. It's such a neat place because the owners of this farm want people to experience their farm, it isn't just a petting zoo...we got to feed the cows, tame the kids (goats), pick pop corn and gourds, gather eggs, feed goats, ride a tractor, pick apples and take a million pictures! It was just a great day! All of my children, except Laffy Taffy, just loved these baby goats. They spent the most time in their little home hugging and petting them. They were the cutest things, my kids and the little kids! We all want goats now! :o) Here is Bubble Gum feeding a gorgeous mama cow an apple. See the tongue? You just haven't lived until you've been licked by a cow! You should have heard Bubble Gum squeal!
This is Mr. Peterson, he owns this farm and he must be a grandpa because he can understand baby talk and knew just what Laffy Taffy wanted! "Dwive?" Honestly, Mr. Peterson actually let Laffy steer and everything! They only hit one pumpkin and one picnic damage done though and Laffy's smile was priceless!
See? More little kids! They really couldn't get enough!
I got a great shot of the children being wonderful (see above) then I said, go ahead, dump it! And dump she did! Oh the power!
We bought the eggs we gathered (2 dozen) and we I bought a ton of apples! Some are for canning and some are for snacking and some are for baking! We bought acorn squash (actually tasted great!) and pumpkins too! On the wagon ride, Mr. Peterson taught the children all about the crops he grows and let them pick popcorn and gourds and showed them sunflower anatomy and told the legend of the "three sisters." He's a great teacher!
I think our first field trip was a big success! When we got home, the big boys dug up the rest of our potatoes and all our carrots too. I have a lot of apple processing to do and I'll be sure to share the recipes too!
Mrs. Taffy


  1. What fun! I love all the new pictures in your gadgets too! What adorable Children! : ) The kids too!

  2. looks like a BLAST!!!!! does it make ya want a farm again? Kev heard there was an acution this last weekend and a house and 1 acre went for..............$8,000!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I was trying to find an apple orchard to go to this fall, but most are a couple hours away. :o(
    Oh, I thought of you guys last week when we went to Williamsburg. They were having a Homeschooling week. Apparently, they do this twice a year for 1-2 weeks each time and everything is geared toward homeschooling families. :o) They had lots more pamphlets and events than usual. Very cool!

  4. Looks like you had fun!!

    Also looks like it might be getting chilly up there since your children are wearing long sleeves. Not down here in Florida. The air cond. is still cranking, humidity is at its high, and it's suppose to be about 90* today. We stay indoors most of the time. I am looking forward to the cooler weather for sure. Ahhhhh...the nice feel of cool crisp air.

    :) Chris

  5. It does look like such a wonderful day and the photos are really great ones in capturing the essence of your fun day.

  6. So glad you had such a wonderful time...looks like a great field trip!!!!

    Wish we could have gone with you!


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