Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garage Sale Treasures

Garage sales were few and far between today! It really was a bummer and we were really disappointed. We did find a few but they were ridiculous so I got discouraged and went to Goodwill! I knew they would at least have stuff to LOOK at!

Look at this treasure I found!! These match my dishes! What a blessing! They had a big serving plate that matched as well, but it had a chip out of it. Too bad! I love these little plates! There are 4 and they were $1.99.
First garage sale we went to I found some fairly new books. I'm saving these for Blue-Raspberry Taffy for Christmas.
On our way home we found 1 good garage sale. I spent a whopping $2.80 there. Look at all the stuff I got: Undies-for Laffy Taffy who can pee on the toilet-on demand! .10 each. Bibs for the diaper bag .10 each also.
This isn't a great picture but in it are two pair of pajamas, a pair of Land's End pants and a changing table pad cover. Not pictured are two adorable plastic laundry baskets that Bubble Gum Taffy is filling with beanie babies and a foldable potty chair thing. Hard to describe, I've never seen anything like it before. It's to use during Potty Training. You know when you go to a public bathroom and their toilet holes/seats are SO big and scary? This thing fits on the toilet seat and makes it smaller and less scary and to be extra wonderful, it folds up! Into the diaper bag it's going! Cool! It was only .50!

So that last garage sale really made Strawberry and I feel better. This was our last Thursday garage sale day. Back to homeschool starting Monday! I'm excited and I'm dreading it too! I'm going to take it slow and not pile on too much work all at once. My desire is to teach Bubble Gum Kindergarten this year so she and Blue-Raspberry are only a grade apart so I can teach them together through most of their elementary years. I'm pretty convinced she ready...she's been begging me!

To all the homeschool mom's who read my blog: I pray an extra dose of patience and peace for you! What you are doing is NO SMALL sacrifice and this seed that you are sowing into the lives of your children will not return void!


Mrs. Taffy

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  1. Thanks Mrs. Taffy, for your prayers!!

    I think I began this year with a full load. It feels like I am doing school all day long. I am curious to find out how you structure your day and school the different grades? I also want to know what you do with your baby when your schooling? My littles one just run around and play and get into things :) Not fun. Any ideas would be helpful.

    Chris in Fl


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